early bleeding

Hi girls, I guess I am just hoping for some reassurance. My AF was due today but for the past few days things have felt very different. I am pretty sure I am pregnant but what is bothering me is the small amount of bleeding. I was just wondering if anyone had had this and everything turned out ok. It's making me feel dreadful


  • It's very scary but many women experience some bleeding early in their pregnancy. I'd do a test to find out for sure so you know if you're worrying unnecesarily. If you are preg and have pain or if the bleeding is very heavy contact your doctor but otherwise things should be fine. I experienced 2 bleeds in my pregnancy and one with terrible pain and we've had a healthy lovely baby. My GP said 50%of women who experience bleeding during pregnancy go on to have a normal pregnancy and a healthy baby, although bleeding for some is a sign that they are miscarrying. Sorry I can't completely put your mind at rest - but I hope I've offered some reassurance.
  • Thanks for the replty alio, I will do a test soon, i haven't yet because i thought it would be too early to show up. But I have had such a different approach to my af that I am pretty sure I am. I don't mind if its not meant to be, it's just the not knowing what is going on that is so stressful. Thanks again I appreciate it.
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