Sweep - should I take someone with me?

Although my due date is today, the baby's head is only 1/5 into my pelvis, and so the midwife would like to do a sweep at my appointment on Friday. This is my first baby, and I wonder whether I need to take my OH with me to the appointment, or whether I will be ok on my own? I have read accounts from other women about a sweep being uncomfortable (like a smear), and I have always been absolutely fine after a smear. What do you think? OH would definitely leave work and come if I asked him, but I don't want to seem clingy or to overreact.


  • Hi Rhian2,
    I had a membrane sweep wen I was seven days over and although it was uncomfortable I felt that both me and midwife were better that no-one else was there. I think myn was only so uncomfortable because babies head wasn't engaged at all and it turn out that she couldnt even do the sweep properly because she cudnt even reach the neck of my womb. Although it prob not gona be the nicest experience uve ever had, its over in no time n its not painful. Gud luck hope all goes well. Kerry xxx

  • hey,
    i had one last week, and it was pretty painful - but i think that was just because i was tense because i was in the hospital for bleeding and was in a total panic anyway! so that in mind, if you would feel more relaxed taking your oh with you, i'd go for it. If i hadn't been so uptight, it wouldn't have been any worse than a smear.
    Mine didn't work, so i have to go back for another one on wednesday, so going to try really hard to be more chilled out this time!!
    Hope it works for you, or better still, the wee one makes an appearance before then!!
    Clare 40+2
  • I had my first sweep when i was 7days over and it was pretty uncomfortable. I think that if you're oh can go with you it would be a good idea. Im not going to go into details but i was so glad my husband was with me after. It really didn't help me though that i had a man do it.
    Just incase you need to know - the further dilated you are the less painful it is. I had 4 in total, the last being at 4cm and i didn't feel a thing.
    Good luck!
  • I've not had one before as this is my first preg but if you want your hubby to be there i'd go for it - moral support n all that.

    I've got midwife tomorrow at docs surgery, do you think she would give me a sweep there and then or would i have to go to hospital as i'll be overdue?? x
  • oh, i'm thinking now that i should take someone with me when i go on wed. i was in hospital anyway when i had the sweep last week, so just tried to sleep afterwards, but this week i'll have to get myself home by bus. Would i be better off with someone there to help me home, or will i manage fine by myself??!!
  • Hi
    I have one tomorrow at home but will be on my own as don't fancy anyone with me. Have read that should wear a pad afterwards in case of bleeding. I am a bit nervous but more interested to see if am ready at all.
  • Thanks for all your replies. I really appreciate your views and letting me know your experiences. The baby's head is only 1/5 into my pelvis, and I am not at all dilated. I live about 10 minutes' walk from the hospital where it will be done. I think I will just see how I feel on Friday, and if on the day I am relaxed about it, I will go on my own. Thanks for the tip on taking a pad, justmarried - that wouldn't have occurred to me.
  • hi, i had a sweep at 7 days overdue at around midday and my lo was born that night!!

    i don't want to put you off BUT it did hurt quite a bit iwas gripping onto the midwifes arm!! she said there was no point in doing it if it wasn't done properly and she was right.

    ask her to do a good job, and yes i would take a pad because i bled quite a bit after mine.

    good luck hun it will be worth it. xxx
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