What do you all snack on during the day? My appetite's gone through the roof but i can't eat big meals so find im peckish alot. I have fruit and cheese but this just doesn't fill me and i feel so guilty eating to many crisps and biscuits x


  • hmmm, i don't have this problem, my appetite has risen but i've got no problems eating a big (ginormous) meal. have u tried ryvita or the like? will fill u up a bit longer. and yoghurt? i think bananas are the most filling of fruits, and i do love a raw carrot! or how about soup or cup a soup?


  • Yoghurts a good one-im going to have to go to the supermarket and stock up on healthy snacks. Hubbie does the big shop (it's 30mins away and he drives past with work) and he keeps coming home with pringles and custard creams!x
  • I had a very high bump, literally began under my boobs and had no appetite.... Making up for it now the head has engaged, first time I've been hungry in months!! Thank god I'm 40+3 and it's nearly over :lol:
  • ooh and u cld also have a go at some snack a jacks or other rice cakes, bit like yummy crisps but healthier image

  • I'm not much help as i will eat anything was snacking on tomatoes last night !lol oh I got some of them yogurts that are meant to keep you feeling full! they are not bad and are a more healthy option! i think they are shape but don't hold me to that memory is shot!! lol xxx
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