I didnt get a Bounty pack!! Also some midwife related Qs

I had my booking in appointment last Friday and just realised I didnt get a Bounty pack. Im a bit gutted (i know im sad) and i really wanted to go get the mum to be pack from Boots. Should everyone get one? To be honest my booking in appointment was a bit of an anti climax. She asked how i was, gave me a scan date and took blood. I think i was only in 15 minutes, i thought there would be lots more to it.

Also wondering does everyone have the same midwife everytime they go? I have one of four women and cos of where my doctors is they arent even in my town!!! Also been told cos of where i live i will not see them after the birth as i will be handed over to the ones in my town. I am wondering whether to ask if i can move to the ones in my town now.


  • you should have vouchers you get emmas diary pack from boots or phrmacy and in the folder full of notes you get you get another voucher for bounty pack to collect from asda or other places
    i have always had same mw but if they get called out for home birth then you get someone else x hope this helps
  • I didn't get a bounty pack, a copy of Ready Steady Baby or a form for my free prescriptions. All of which I should have been given at my first appointment or my booking in. And I didn't even realise until my last appointment which was week 28 and the mw asked me about them. Also, I didn't get my matb1 till then even though doc could have given it to me at 22 weeks. I think the docs are lazy and think the mw will deal with it all. We have a community mw practise who are at our doc surgery every week but there is no guarantee I would see the same one. If you feel happier, ask if you can change to the ones in town - seems strange not to be with them anyway?
  • I was told i get mine when i go for first scan
  • I always see the same midwife and the student midwife. I have never got a bounty pack! I'm 24 weeks today and I saw the midwife today too, she gave me my MatB1 form today.
  • hi, make sure you get one next time.and to make up for it,join up to cow and gate,tesco,boots etc!!! as its free and you get free goodies lol !!! there isnt much in the first but any free goodie is nicexxx
  • In my area you get the Bounty pack at the 12 week scan. I didn't get a 12 week scan so had it at my 20 week one - tbh you're not missing that much! But that does seem very short for a booking-in appointment - mine was well over an hour and I have a normal low-risk pregnancy. She took bloods, blood pressure, urine, height, weight, felt uterus (she couldn't feel anything though as I was 10 weeks) and tried to listen to heartbeat (again - she couldn't find it! Scary at the time!) Also she went through a very extensive medical history, even though there was nothing to tell! I do see the same midwife every time, except for last week when she was on a training course. I think it is home visits from 36 weeks in my area which is annoying as I will have to tidy up, and its not like I'm an invalid, I can walk 5 mins to the children's centre where I have my appointments! (It's great as well as my mw said I could choose between the GPs surgery and the children's centre which is lovely & new...The staff are great and compliment my bump and offer you cups of tea, unlike sitting in a crappy waiting room full of coughing people!) xxxx


  • Hi Ladies!

    Well like some of the others have mentioned the pack isnt much to stress over but it is nice to have a little something to get you excited about and the voucher u receive also gets u ??5 off george at Asda so thats good for buying some sleepsuits or something. Ask your midwife when you next see her and demand to have one, i did when i lost mine, let alone didnt get one!

    Also make a list of questions you want to ask from your midwife and she should take the time to reassure u of all these points and if like my midwife (who i see all the time as well as my consultant) she misses things out, point them out to her. Dont be afriad of speaking up, its important you do! Im on my second baby and im way more ascertive this time round and always ask what certain things mean in my notes and what she is putting!

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