Anyone else feel constantly guilty for having another baby?


I might have put a post about this on here before about this but really can't remember! Bloody pregnancy brain hehe.

Anyway, I just feel really guilty for having another baby! My daughter will be 4 in July when baby comes, and she starts school in September. I feel so bad because I don't want her to feel as though she has been sent off to school and we have a new baby to replace her! It has been just the 3 of us for 4 years and I'm so worried that she will feel left out, even though I am going to do my best to involve her in everything.

I can't stop worrying about it, even though she is really excited about baby and school and I know it will be good for her! I have to tell myself to stop being so stupid all the time but I can't help it!!!
Any ideas ladies??

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  • hi. what you are feelin is so normal. i had my 5th baby nearly 11 months ago. and i can remember feeling like you do each time i have had all my children, but you know it is great once baby gets here. as parents we tear our selves up alot about having more kids and go through all the pro's and con's, but it always works out ok in the end. try not to worry too much about it as when baby comes your daughter will be over the moon , just try to include her in bathing baby , dressing baby, making decisions on what to get baby before you have it things like that. and get her a gift from baby whe he/she is born, this always helps.
  • Hey my situation is a bit different as boys are too young to understand, but i also feel guilty. Its making sure i have enough time for each child. But the benefits children get from having a sibling i think outweigh the negatives. Your daughter will love being the big girl and telling her friends about her baby bro/sis.

    I have loads of worrys about the whole child rearing thing, i guess its just part of being a mum xxDBxx

  • Thanks girls, even just hearing what I already know at the back of my mind helps! And it's good to know that it is normal to feel like this and not me going mad lol!!
    I wanted this baby soooo much when we were ttc, I still do but at the same time wonder if we have done the right thing by our daughter.
    Although like you guys say it will be so good for her to have a little sister and someone always there to play with, espacially when baby's older!

  • Hi
    Although we only have one child at the moment, we're planning on having another one partly because of the benefits it will have on our lo. My OH is an only child and really really wanted another brother or sister.
  • I do feel guilty about having another baby as my little girl has only just turned one, and the baby is due this Thurs! I never planned on getting pregnant again so quickly and feel like I've sort of messed up as I won't be able to give Lily as much attention. I'm just hoping that they'll grow up being really close and that the benefits will outweigh any negatives.

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