just want to introduce myself

hiya i would just like to introduce my self my name diana im 26 and im 12 weeks pregnant my baby is due 10th oct ive been married 2 years and this is my 1st baby any body would like to chat send me a message


  • Hiya,
    I'm 21 and pregnant with our first baby am due on 27th June, we're both really excited.
    Hope everything is goin well with ur pregnancy
  • hia i'm hanna and am 31 wks pregnant with my 2nd little girl!i'm 22 and have been married almost a yr,congrats on your pregnancy x


  • hiya i'm steph, i'm 11 weeks pregnant with first baby and I'll be a single mum. Wow sounds odd when you say it out loud lol xxx


  • Hi.
    welcome and congratulations. This is definately the best chat room I've tried. Everyone is really friendly and supportive.
    I'm on baby no.2 after a 10 year gap. There are a few of us that have had children so between us we've got pretty much every possible panic situation covered :lol:
  • Hi and welcome!

    I'm pg with my 4th due beginning of June (10 weeks to go yippee). I have also never found such a supportive site - will def be back after I've had this lo on the bf forum!!

  • hiya thanks for all your replys.my pregnancy is going well.i got my 1st scan tuesday so i'm excited.i dont feel pregnant at the mo not sure whats happening or if thats normal xx
  • hi diana, im lisa 24 and im 13 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby ... im new to this site too but i love it, great information and everyone has been very friendly . hope you enjoy it as much as i do xx
  • Hi Diana

    lisa, 25 expecting first at 7+5 and really looking forwrd to everything over the next 7 months and beyond.


    L xx
  • hi lisa's congats to you both i do like this site its great.its nice to talk to ladies who are pregnant to.x
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