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second timers and baby movements

hi ya has anyone who is a second time mum to be felt the baby kick at 14 wks im sure of a night just as i doze off baby kicks me but by the time i move hand there to feel its gone has anyone else had the same xxxx


  • Hi i could feel my 2nd move really early on, so chances are it is probably your baby you can feel image xx
  • I felt my first flutters at 14 weeks with first baby.
  • Hi, i'm pregnant with my second and am sure i could feel movements from 13 weeks, so it prob is hun. How exciting!

    29 weeks today!
  • h hun i could feel my dd from 11 weeks when i was pregnant with her, you definately feel them alot sooner with 2nd+ babies because you know what your waiting for. I'm on baby number 3 now but only early on but i cant wait to feel my little flutters xx
  • I felt movements 6 weeks earlier 2nd time round. It was about 22 weeks 1st time and was 16 weeks this time!!
  • yes defo sounds like baby hun! i felt this baby at 13 weeks xx
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