Started bleeding

Just really looking for a bit of advice really. I have been "spotting" old blood (TMI sorry) since this morning and i am obiously worried about it. I am only 6+4 so still very early on. Anyway i phoned the EPU and because it isnt fresh blood, is only minimal and i have no cramping they say i just have to keep an eye on it really. I am dreading every time i go to the toilet incase it has got worse. Has anybody else experienced this?


  • Hello,

    Didn't really want to read and run. I had a little bit of bleeding at about 6 weeks but it was pinkish so they sent me for an early scan.

    If you are worried, perhaps go to your doctor for a second opinion and see what they say as my doctor's send you for an early scan no matter what the blood is like.

    Good luck, xx
  • Hi, I had spotting around 8 weeks I think and then passed a blood clot at 12.5 weeks. Its very scary but I was told to keep an eye on it but not to worry unless you have cramps as well.

  • I've had 2 pregnancies and bled with both - my first pregnancy sadly ended in a miscarriage after seeing some spotting or brown blood,at 11 weeks, however i'm now 20 weeks with my 2nd pregnany but bled bright red and heavy at 7 weeks, and spotted for 2 weeks after that and everything was fine and baby was unruffled by the scare, I went in straight away to have a scan, and then had regular check up scans at the EPU after that to be safe and thankfully it all settled down by 9 weeks.

    Could be nothing or could be something to worry about but ALWAYS get it checked out to put your mind at ease, don't let them fob you off if your worried - it's a scary time and we all need reasurance from time to time.

    Best of luck xx
  • ah hun its so hard not to worry but you have to try to stay positive.
    with this pregnancy i bled twice, once at 8 weeks the other at 11 weeks. both times i was scared as hell as unfortunately i suffered a MC the previous month.
    i went to my GP the first time and she got my straight into the EPU the next day. the second time i went to A&E as it was a sunday and they again got me an emergency scan for the next day.
    if your really worried go to see your GP and get them to call the EPU, it really will put your mind at rest as worrying wont do you or bean any good.
    both times with me they couldnt find any reason as to why i was bleeding- sometimes it just happens. seeing as its old blood for you with no cramps then i would stay positive, but go see your doctor and see what they can do.
    good luck hoping it all works out for you
  • Hi, I have two children and had spotting throughout the first 12 weeks with both pregnancies. Sometimes it was brown, sometimes pink or red. I was back and forth to the doctors and EPU with them both and after months of fretting it stopped and I ended up with healthy babies! I'm sure if you went to the doctors you could get referred to the EPU just to put your mind at rest.

    Spotting/ bleeding in pregnancy seems to be really common and once you get talking to people you realise that loads of people have experienced it. If it gets worse or you get period like cramps you should definitely seek more help but in the meantime try to focus on the positives. I know how stressful it can be, it's really hard to put it to the back of your mind, but try to take comfort from the fact that lots of people who have spotting go on to have healthy babies.

    Good luck xxxxx
  • Hey hun

    I had this at 5-6 weeks, it lasted a week and was dreading it being a bad sign, however i went for an early scan and all was fine. I never had anymore. and noone knew what it was!

    U should see ur GP who can send u for an early scan at least to put ur mind at ease.

    Jennie 13+ 3
  • Hi

    I started bleeding on Monday, I went straight to the doctors and they arranged for a scan the same day. The scan showed a blood pocket, the baby was fine and it had a heartbeat. I have another scan on Monday 3 November, but I am still bleeding at the moment. Dont worry too much.

  • Hi hun

    Congratulations on your pregnancy.

    i had brown blood/spotting for about a week and a half before my 12 week scan and everything was fine. I also had brown spotting about a week ago that lasted 3 days. i listened to baby's heartbeat on my doppler and its going strong so again everything is fine.

    I would monitor it and as the others have said if things change maybe go to gp, but its probably nothing to worry about.

    Suzi 22+3 xxx
  • Hi honey,

    You'll prob be fine and this is very common, my mum had this with my sister and she was fine.

    If however it gets darker and stringy and begins to look like prune juice and you have any pain in your uterus, bowel or bladder please go straight to hosp.

    The only reason I say this is I had an ecptopic, last week at 6+3. But this is extremely extremely rare and very unlikely. I had all the symptoms above, so please just keep your eyes peeled for those.

    But if you just have a little spotting and nothing else it is most likely fine.

    Go to your GP and ask to be referred to the EPU - then they have to see you, and Gps are always extra cautious! They'll give you an internal scan (its nothing don't worry about it) and take your bloods to check your HGC - if everything looks fine they'll ask you to come back for more bloods 2 days later to check you HGC has risen. I've was practically living in my local EPU last week!

    I hope it turns out ok for you and I have every confidence it will.

    Take care,

    Rach x

    ps, when I had a suspected miscarriage and was bleeding they told me not to lift anything, even the hoover and not have intercourse until it had stopped - so put your feet up!!
  • i had just logged on to write the same problem. went out last night and stayed over in a hotel. just got back and been to toilet to find brown blood and am really worried too. i am 5+2 and, we think - doc said he cant confirm, had an mc at 5 weeks last month.
  • Hi

    Try not to worry too much (which is really hard I know). If it's old blood and no cramping that's a positive.

    I had the same with my first pregnancy it started at about 5 weeks gone and I thought it was AF showing up (I was getting married at around that time so my mind was elsewhere). The brown blood lasted about a week but no AF and began to slow up. I did a test which was positive cue much excitement however I then started to bleed old blood again. I was given an early scan and everything was fine but the bleeding carried on for another two weeks.

    Second pregnancy no bleeding at all until 25 weeks when I had some old blood followed by some new. No cramps or anything but I seriously panicked. Trip to the hospital (yesterday) and after a few checks they have decided there is nothing to be concerned about. Some people just bleed in pregnancy.

    I am sure everything is fine but if you really feel worried see your GP and insist on a scan. If anything else starts to worry you i.e cramps or fresh blood insist on a scan.
  • Hello please try not to worry, I know its hard not too i had the same problem at 6 weeks and 8 weeks it was brown blood and only there when i wiped (TMI sorry) at 6 weeks but at 8 weeks it was still brown but there was alot more!!
    I had a scan both times and it showed small pockets of blood like a bruise where they baby was and the only way the blood could come out was like a period.
    Apparently haematomas, as they call them at the hospital, are very common and cause no harm to the baby at all.
    I will keep my fingers crossed for you x x x

    Amie 29 + 5
  • I had spot bleeding from six weeks upto about nine weeks, everytime I had bled I phoned the early pregnancy unit and the gave me a scan showing me that everything was fine with my baby. I know exactly how everyone feels because it's natural to always think the worst. Im now 23 weeks pregnant and can't wait to be a mum
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