Constipation? Sorry!

Hiya girls, for the last week ive had bad constipation and its giving me awful tummy ache as if it aint bad enough as it is! Have any of you suffered from it? Im only bout 8 weeks pregnant and its driving me mad! Is there anything you can use when pregnant and does it help? Do you know if you can get it on prescription?

Mikayla x


  • Try dried Apricots on your cereal in the morning it really worked for me or prunes which look gross - I had never had them before but they taste better than they look. Really does work and better than drugs.
  • Thank you suz, Not so keen on the prunes but ill give them a try! Anythings worth a try! Will pick some up when next shopping. Thanx xx
  • I have had a similar problems and the GP recommended lactulose - I've not tried it yet (keep trying to keep fluids up) but apparently you can buy from the chemist!

    Maybe it will help!

  • Lol joanne, everytime i REALLY need the toilet i never manage to go! Its so frustrating as it causes so much pain!
  • i was constipated all gthe way thru my first pregnancy, and it seams to b the same this time,iv just been trying to eat healthy,as been told it helps but so far nothing lol,
    hope it sorts out for you soon hun xx

  • Im at docotrs this morning so gonna ask him what to do! Thanx for all your replys! xx
  • Hiya all, Just back from the doctors and He advised me not to take senokot until a alast resort, said to try natural laxitives like pure orange (But tht gives me bacd heartburn!) Or lactulose so been and bought some from the chemist! xx
  • Sounds like my doctor, he said the exact same thing yesterday.

    Hope it gets sorted out - its nasty nasty, i know i've been the same all week x
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