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When was your 12 week scan?

Just wondering when people have had these.
My LMP makes me 4 days further than I am so I'm paranoid about having scan too early. If you had your 12 week scan before 12 weeks what did you do? Did you tell people then? Have another scan? Or wait until you hit 12 weeks anyway?


  • I had my dating scan at 10+6 and could see that there was a baby and heartbeat, wasnt really clear as as still small. I then had a scare and was given an emergency scan on Monday when I was 12+3 and it was AMAZING!!! Baby was so active streching and kicking and got a fab pic. I would recommend having it as late on 12 weeks as you can as it will be so much more detailed!! I told people a few days after our BFP, it took us so long to conceive and there was no way I could keep it secret!! I also work with drug users in prison so had to tell my work due to the risks! How far gone are u?
    Lisa 12+6 xxx
  • I'm 8+6 today (by my ov date - lmp makes me 9+3)
    If they book my scan for when they think I am 12 weeks I will actually be 11+3.
  • I would expect it would still be clear at 11+3, you said on your other post that you could see baby wriggling around at your scan earlier so hopefully it will be alright. If you are unsure I would call your scanning unit and ask them if they could schedule it for a few days later. How you feeling after this morning?
    Lisa xx
  • I had my scan at 11+5 and it was really clear! I will try and post a pic so that you can see! x

    Edited to take out my personal details! x

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  • WOW! Goonie your can pic is amazing!
    This morning you couldn't make out a baby shape. Just looked like a wriggling worm really!

    It's not the not being clear that worries me - more the not having reached the 12 week milestone and something going wrong.
  • We told everyone straight after our scan. I know its worrying but statistically the risk of miscarriage falls dramatically once you've seen the heartbeat so I'm sure everything will be fine! x
  • We had a private scan at around 11+2 weeks I think and told everyone after that. My 12-week hospital scan was just over a week later at 12+4 I think - might have my dates wrong!

    Joo xxx
  • TODAY!!! I had my mine i am 11+6 and it was great saw his little heartbeat (I now think it is a boy) and he was bouncing up and down and kicking his arms and legs!! I was so worried - I was literally having an asthma attack by the time they called me in so it was great - hubby even welled up!!!
  • Mine was 13 weeks. I had already had 3 scas before and some people knew, but we decided to wait till the 12 weeks one to tell most people. And i was soooo impatient!

    14 weeks x
  • I had my scan at 11+5 wks but I actually thought I was 13+1 weeks until they told me otherwise. We told people when I was 7+3 (thought i was 9 tho) when I had just had a sneaky scan that day originally to check cyst. Were quite impatient people. We told everyone at 6weeks with last pregnancy!! hehe
    14+5 xx
  • Wow - all of your scan pics are so fab!

    Congrats WoodyW - what a relief to have reached that point.

    Tallkatie2 - amazing how clear your scan is at 10 weeks. Did you tell people after that? Did you have another one after or wait until the 20 week one (if you are that far yet!)

    We have another private one booked at 10+3. Hope it's as clear as yours! x

  • i had an early scan due to bleeding at 10&2 and it was so clear! i seen the little one kick its leg and arch its back!!
    where i live they dont do 12 wk scans now... u see the gp at 12 wks and get a scan at 14 wks! dunno why this is!
    i have my dating scan 3 wks today... even though my dates are right from the last scan! so i will be 14&3 when i get to see the wee one again! im hoping its goin to be as clear as last time!
    we told close family and a couple of friends just after our BFP..... but think im gonna worry all the way through my pregnancy that something is wrong... dont think i'll believe it till my baby is in my arms! we have been waiting three years for this though!!

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