Kuster Jellybaby Changing Mat

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone has one of these changing mats and what do they think if them? I have seen them in several magazines now and am thinking about getting one.

If anyone does have one, where did you buy it from?



  • Hi, never seen this so don't know if it's good or not. Googled it, you can buy it from www.kuster.co.uk for ??25 and it comes in pink, blue and cream. xxxx
  • Thanks Candygirl, it says it is not available until 18 December, not sure if that is just in the online shop or that means that it is not on sale anywhere until then. I would have liked to have bought it before then as baby is due in Jan. I think I will give them a ring in the morning and find out the situation.
  • Hi, let me know if you get one and how good it is as I'm not due til May!! xxxx
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