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what stops you weeing through the night?????

Ok im now getting really annoyed!
generally i drink squash all evening lets say 3pints tops and i go for about 3 wees in the night so my oh suggested i just drink water so last nite i drank the same amount but just water and had to pee 5times.

Does it make a difference what you drink? and how much should i be drinking? does anyone have any tips? All i want is a decent nights sleep before bubba comes and i completely forget what sleep is.

im 18weeks and in desperate need of a good sleep so come on girlies you must have some hidden secrets haha


  • hiya
    i havent really had this tbh but maybe try not drinking anything about an hour b4 going to bed maybe????
    good luck hun xxx
  • good idea, i drink much at all throughout the day so im off to drink a pint of water!
    i will try and not have anything an hour before bed and see if that makes a difference.
    will update you in the morning if it has worked, not that you really want to know abput my toilet activities haha
  • Hi, Its a symptom of pregnancy im afraid! I have to get up around about 3am.
    It doesnt matter what you drink, it is all fluid at the end of the day whether its tea, squash or water. I would suggest not drinking within two hours of goingto bed and ensure you take a trip to the bathroom before going to bed. Try to keep your fluid levels up before tea time as the less you drink late at night the less trips you will need to make to the bathroom at nght. xxx
  • Hiya, I manage on two wee trips a night now - nearly 38 weeks and too honest without sounding too weird they the best wees I have coz all the other ones during the day are due to moving about etc and are not very relieving!! But as Bumpety Bump says, they are a symptom of pregnancy - best thing to do is not drink lots before you go to bed and make sure you're doing your pelvic floor exercises!! Good luck!! Bxx
  • i'm not a big drinker unless i get thirst but i have a bottle of water by the bed and one at the desk at work sometimes i drink loads during day other times i dont' and i do drink through the night if i wake up. since stopping guzzling water b4 sleeping i'm able to sleep throught till about 6ish with a wee break lol i'm a lucky one i got away with the runni to loo every 5 mins unless baby sat on bladder then its as soon as anything goes in bladder i need the loo desparately lol
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