My wife is 8 weeks pregnant with our first baby, but she has not needed to go the toilet. Does anyone have the same problem. Has anyone got any remedies that will be ok.


  • hello
    I always have constiapation and since being preg it is alot worse. I am 11 weeks and the best things are:
    Prunes (or any dried fruit)
    baked beans
    and if they dont work if she speaks to her doc and they will prescribe a thing called fybogel, it comes in a sachet and you just mix it with water and have 2 a day. Its totally natural so wont do baby any harm. And my doc swears by it.
    It tastes yuck but does help.
  • Hi,

    I suffered really badly for the first 16 weeks of my pregnancy. My gp gave me lactoloose(sp?) but it didnt help. So 4 weeks ago I started eating a bowl of bran flakes every motrning and having 4_5 pints of water every day. I have been fine since.

    Hope this helps.

  • I suffered with constipation particularly in the first semseter. I have to have a bowl of fibre for breakfast whether its weetabix of branflakes. If I have run out I know constipation will be waiting round the corner for me! xxx
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