angel sounds fetal heart monitor

hi has anyone ever used this kind? or do you know if its any good? i have just got one on ebay for ??20 where there were lots for around ??80 so im not sure if that means its rubbish!


  • Hi,

    Yep i've got one, a few of us on here do. I've found the heartbeat pretty easily this week but it can take some time early on so don't get disheartened if you can't straightway! xx
  • Hiya, I bought one off of eBay too and it's great. Really good quality and works perfectly everytime. I haven't used it much since week 17/18 as Bubba has been wriggling so much I know he's OK but it's one of my best purchases - would def recommend! xx

  • hi thanks, i am 15 weeks, can they generally detect heartbeat this early? or when would i be able to hear it?and how do i know its the baby's heatbeat and not my own? i mean i know the babies would be faster but is there a way of doing it?
  • Hiy a

    i also got one from ebay - its superb, i used it from 12 weeks & picked up heatbeat no problems, so yours should too - its very nice to hear. babies heartbeat is alot faster, almost like a galloping horse i've heard people use that phrase
  • thanks i cant wait il it arrives now!!will prob end up addicted to it!!x
  • you will end up being addicted.i listen everynight.i pciked up a heartbeat soon after 12 weeks. and i could hear movement.there is not so much movements these days but a definate heartbeat...i am now 15 weeks
  • Laura,
    A good tip; empty your bladder first and it is probably quite low down, i was surprised how low it was when i found it. You should definately find it at your stage though
  • hiya

    i have this one and like jamtart says itsreally low down. i ofund the hb at 11 weeks and til about 20 weeks it was always right down on my knicker line and i had to tilt it a bit.

    oh if it sounds like a steam train it supposed to mean its a boy, and if its like a gallop, its a girl...ive got a train and its most deffo a boy but it did sound like a gallop until the week before the scan..must have changed his mind!

    i wouldnt worry about it being a cheap one, they sell for up to 40quid, the 80quid ones r more like theones they use at docs etc . angel sounds isvery popular and very reliable. wouldnt be without it!
    good luck hope u get it soon!
    holly (39 weeks).

    ps by the way some days i just couldnt find it and got really upset...its cos u find the hb through their backs best so if they move u get the wooshing sounds and thats it, also my placenta covered a lot of the sound and movements. just thought id add in case anyone else had this?!
  • I bought the angelsounds for ??30. I was tempted to get a really expensive one but glad I didn't. Angelsounds detected the heartbeat at 9.5weeks with lots of gel. I'm 17 weeks now and don't need gel anymore to hear it, just a bit of water.

    Buy one! It's the best thing I've ever bought.

  • Ohh water! Wish I'd known that I've just ordered more gel!!!
  • I bought one when i was 12wks, got the hb at about 14 wks and used it everyday until about 22wks, then it was down to once a week, since 30 wks i've used it a handful of times if lo has been having a quiet day.

    Have to say its the best ??30ish i have ever spent, oh wasn't too keen on buying it but after hearing hb he changed his mind!!

    In the earlier weeks it is really low down, most of the time right on the pubic bone and now it's getting that low again!!

    17 days to go (not that i'm counting!!)
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  • i want one but i know that if i couldnt find heartbeat at any point i would drive myself mad :roll:
  • the best thing I've EVER bought! I paid around gbp30 I think, so don't be put on by the price....I can confirm the heartbeat sounds exactly like horses galloping, that's the first thing that came to my mind when I heard it, and I always find it on the left side above my knickers line, althought it has been moving up slightly with each week. I tried it first at 12weeks and found the heartbeat within few minutes, you should be able to detect it for sure now. Hope it helps and enjoy, it has been a great reassurance and bonding experience!!
  • Ive just ordered mine, got the doppler and the gel for ??19 image cant wait till it comes image xxx
  • i dont know if this sounds very silly but ihave the implant in my arm since september and only recently i have started feeling sick my stomach is swollen and very bad mood swings and i ruled it out to be the implant effects.. i then went to my friends house who has a baby boy and she used the heart beat monitor so i thought i would have a go as a joke but i can hear galloping heart beat and its very strong.. i took a prenancy test but it is negative but i feel pregnant and now that i have heard a heart beat im convinced i am pregnant, could i be pregnant? can anyone give me some advice? thankyou x

  • You may have picked up your own heartbeat!! I'm not sure of the implications an implant may have on your test results but you might want to research this further as it could be that you are pregnant, but due to the hormone balanced caused by your implant you are getting a false negative reading!
  • I'm about 10.4 weeks and have just used the angel jumper and think I have picked up a heart beat, I found it low down and left and sounded fast like a steam train, I did move it over and found nothing but am unsure if this was my baby or me as this is my first time using it? How can I be sure? X
  • Kim, just try to count the baby's heartbeat and then count your heartbeat by pressing lightly in the side of your wrist, in the same direction as your thumb (radial pulse). You will be able to tell the difference. GL!

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