My pregnancy is over,

Well many of you know my story so far. I woke at 2am this morning with heavier bleeding and was taken to hospital. Had a scan to show that baby has not grown and no longer has a heartbeat. I have to have a final scan on thursday to see if its come away naturally or if i need to consider my options. Im obviously devastated as this is my 2nd m/c but relieved as the past two weeks have been emotionally draining for me not knowing what was happening and at least now i can concentrate on making my self stronger emotionally so that im ready to try again. Will take a break from B.E for a while. thanks to everyone who has offered advice, Goodbye. x

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  • So sorry to hear your news. Take care of yourself. I'll Be thinking of you. Love Rachel XXX
  • So sorry funkymonkey, u make sure u take care of ur self, hope to see u on here expecting a xmas or new yr baby. Gud Luck, Kerry xxx
  • Ahhhhhhh hun I am so so sorry. My sincerest thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad, sad time.

    Katie.x x x x
  • so sorry hun, my thoughts are with u, take care of ur self. xx
  • I'm so sorry to hear tht thinking of u. Take care of urself x
  • Sorry to hear that, sending you lots of love.
  • So sorry to hear of your loss image Take care and hope to see you back on here in the near future hun x x x bigs hugs x x x
  • I am so sorry for your loss. Know nothing anyone says can help but I really hope you get the strength to try again one day as I am sure you will have a healthy pg next time round - you so deserve it xxxxx
  • thinking of you.big hugs becs xx
  • Im so sorry to hear of your lose.
    Big hug.
    I have had 3 miscarriages, please dont give up hope.
    I am now pregnant again and this time got to 18 weeks which is the furthest I have got.
    I wish I had magic words to make you feel better and I can understand how you must be feeling.
    Take care of yourself

  • so sorry to hear of your loss. Hope that you heal quickly and you have lots of support. Thinking of you at this hard time, take care. Come back if and when you feel ready. Love Filo x
  • Hi funkymonkey, so so sorry to hear your news, thinking of you lots and hope you feel stronger soon. Love Tammi
  • Hi Funkymonkey, i'm very saddened to hear of your loss. Please keep yourself strong & well. Thinking of you, love Sarah xx
  • oh honey i'm so sorry had been looking out for ur posts to see how u were getting on. Take time to heal and cry, have lots of hugs and kisses from ur hubby i'm sure u'll get ur mush deserved family soon.
  • Sorry babe look after yourself you need to stay fit and strong xxxxxxxxxxx
  • so sorry to hear about your kind of puts things in perspective when i find myself moaning about trivial things. Thinking of you..take
  • I am so sorry funkymonkey xxx
  • sorry for your losses hun, take care and good luck for the future xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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