Yet another food question!

I'm gradually getting to grips with some of the stuff i can and can't eat. However there's always something that i think mmmmm should i be eating this. The 3 things in question are coleslaw, potato salad and salad cream. They are shop boght ones and not home made.

Help please :\?

Jules x


  • Yes - shop bought are fine as they used pasturised eggs etc. Just told to avoid home made mayo etc. as its obviously made with raw eggs.

    Ive been eating shop bought mayo.

  • They are all fine Jules as they use pasturised egg. Check the label if unsure, the ingredients will always say pasturised if it is. xx
  • hi yeah they are fine as long as they are shop bought, and not from a stall or market where they are 'home made' in a sense, or from a restaurant where they may be made there, (A(althought just ask if you are unsure).i think the prob is that they may have raw egg in them if home made.
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