I'm 5 + 3 @ the moment and have noticed a thick white discharge this morning. There's no smell and not painful.

Is this normal?

Thanks Lou


  • Hi Lou, i had thick white discharge too, my midwife says as long as its not smelly or a funny colour, its normal.

    I dont get it so often now but sometimes if I go to the loo then wipe its there.

    Joanna 11wk 5dys
  • It could be your mucus plug forming it is quite normal image

  • Hiya lou, im 13 weeks now and have had a discharge since week 4. As long as its clear/white discharge and doesnt smell at all then its perfectly fine. If you do notice a change in smell or colour then see your doctor as it could be a UTI. But until then i wouldnt worry about it xx
  • hi lou, im 14 weeks now and ive had discharge all long too. so im guessing its normal.
  • i had thick white and clear mainly around weeks 4-6 i am nearly 8 weeks now but i don't get as much anymore but still get some. i read in my book that its normal xxx
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