Maternity Swimwear

Help! Can anyone recommend somewhere I can get a decently-priced (not too expensive) maternity swimming costume please? I'm going to Centerparcs in 3 weeks & planning on doing lots of swimming as won't be able to do much else. Had pretty big boobs prior to pregnancy, so need something with a bit of support! The choice I've seen so far on the internet is a bit limited - guess it's the wrong time of year.


  • Hi Fraus,
    I had the same problem (I'm off to Lanzarote on Sunday) and couldn't find anything i wanted to wear that wasn't ??50. In the end i bought a blue tankini from Fig which was about ??21, you can also try Picchumaternity, the have some good stuff. I think most of it is supported so you should be ok. Mine hasn't arrived yet but it looked ok in the picture.
    Hope you find something x
  • mother care hass a few swim items as does new look was advised by a mom to go with a tankini as you do keep growing image have on of those so i guess i'll wear my normal one can't afford to keep forking out.
  • Hi i got gorgeous tankini from mothercare, its quite trendy and flattering. It also has good bust support which kept my 2 monsters under control!! I think it was about ??25
  • I got a blooming marvelous one off ov Ebay as I don't do much swimming so thought it would be a waste of money to buy a brand new one just for a week away. Depends what you want it for but I would'nt fork out 20 or 30 quid unless I went swimming alot. I find it very hard to get them to look good on me too as I'm a size 8 and they don't really make maternity swimsuits small enough. So far all the ones I've tried on have looked a bit tent like. I'm not going away till I'm 25/6 weeks so hopefully I'll grow in2 the one I've got a bit more by then!
  • Hi, I also need a tankini, am only 13 weeks at the mo but plan to do lots of swimming in the summer. I love this one from next

    Do you get the size you normally are (pre pregnancy)?

    Has anyone been in New Look as i'm sure they'll have some at a reasonable price. I'm back in the uk in April so hoping they will have something.

    Fraus - hope you have a lovely time at centreparcs xx
  • mothercare have some half price at ??11 they look quite nice aswell
  • mothercare have some half price at ??11 they look quite nice aswell
  • oh and they are buy 1 get 1 half price. there is only 2 to choose from though
  • Thanks hannah, will get my mum to look for me xx
  • Hi girlies, thanks for all the advice! Against my better judgement I've ordered a tankini - just hope it doesn't show too much of my tummy, as have bad stretchmarks from previous pregnancy.
    Will let you know what it's like when it arrives, & just how much I look like a beached whale!!!
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