Advice Please - engaging or early labour sign?? UPDATED

I was just wondering what everyone else thought?

Basically for the last few days on and off I have been getting quite bad period type cramps - I am 33+5. When I went to my MW 2 weeks ago she said the baby was moving down. Do you thik she is engaging or could it be an early labour sign?

I have only had the odd braxton hicks, no change in discharge. no show, no backache etc so am really not sure?

I have the MW coming tomorrow afternoon - should I ask her then or call the MW line tonight?! Don't know what to do as I don't know if the engaging cause cramps or not!

Any advice appreciated


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Well I had my MW appt - and as suspected it is the baby engaging! She is 4/5ths! At least I know now! Thanks for all your advice girls to stop me worrying image

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  • Hi luv, its probably baby just engaging dont think its early signs of labour unless you having anything to go along with it i.e show, contractions etc but double check with midwife tomorrow, it could be your cervix starting to dilate aswell.


  • Thanks - I was thinking it was probably engaging as I have suffered pain at various points! Seems to hit me quite bad lol image

    I also agree with what you said about me not having any other symptoms! That was another reason I thought it was probably to leave it til tomorrow image
  • How early can your baby engage? and what does it feel like? xx
  • From what I understand it depends if it your 1st or not! A first can engage quite a few weeks before and stay there - but with 2nd onwards it generally doesn't happen until labour! As for what it feels like.... hopefully someone can let us know lol image
  • Lol hope so! xx
  • u will notice u r probably going to the loo more often and may get shooting pains dwn there when babys head is butting the cervix.Babies can engage at different times it all depends.Sounds as though maybe baby is engaging xx
  • Ooh I have been going to the toilet more last few days and have been getting the shooting pains for a few weeks!

    I guess I will have to wait and see what the MW says tomorrow image
  • my first pregnancy my son was 5wks early and my second pregnancy the twins were 9wks early and both times they were no signs what so ever :lol: does sound like your body is getting ready

  • I really cant see it being my baby engaging way too early! I am 29 weeks friday but i keep getting period type pains and needing to wee a hell of a lot more! Whats the average sort of weeks when baby can engage? or earliest? xx
  • Thank you everyone image

    Samanthalh - I have heard / read but don't quote me that they can engage 6-8 weeks before the baby is born in 1st pg's!
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