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i'm 14 weeks tomorrow, and havie an angel sounds doppler. my question is, at 14 weeks is right that he is still quite low down in my stomach when i listen to his heart beat... like about 10cm below my belly button?

ALso worried because i don't have much of a bump at all yet, and i'm quite slim so was expecting this quite early :\?

had a scan 12 weeks and 6 days and he was ok then, but worried that his position is so low

any ideas or experiences? xxx

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  • Hiya, i dont think its unusual for baby to be very low still at this point hun, i'm 24 weeks and still usually find baby below my belly button! And dont worry about having a small bump either, its different for everyone xxx
  • thanks Lynz, I'm hoping that it is normal that he is quite low, and that he is juts comfy down there image

    where does everyone else find there baby's hb?xx
  • I can now find my baby with the doppler straight away everytime,

    My baby is always low down on the left hand side just above where the pubic bone is. If you have never heard the heartbeat before, you may mistake your own for the babys. You will soon be able to tell the difference as the babys is much faster - like a galloping horse. sometimes, you can even hear your own along side babys. Its amazing!
  • Hi Mummy again, yeah that sounds really similar to where i can hear tick... hes jusy above hwere my pubic bone is but on the right hand side phew glad it is not only me

    I'm always worried i' listening tomy own hb instead of babies, so i sit there and go 'time me for a minute' to my OH and count the beats to make sure it is fast enough, and then count my own just to make sure hee hee

    i'm also hoping that as i count out loud, maybe the baby will pick up the counting and be a math genius when he is born ha ha image
  • I always used to find my babys heartbeat low down and to the right and even now I stil find it low down on my bump!

    I didn't start to show until I was 17/18 weeks and didn't get a proper bump until about 21 so don't worry if you're not showing yet, you have plenty of time.

    Bec 24+4 x
  • Hi,my doppler came this morning and I can hear one hb on the left,about half way between my knicker line and belly button and one just to the right of that,lower down. I'm 13 weeks today. xx ps I'm starting to show now but it's twins,on both my other i didn't show until about 17 weeks.
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