seperating with my partner

ok ladies where do i start im 26 have been with my partner for just over three years, we are really not getting on we argue all the time and im not happy with him but i dont want to bring my baby up without her dad, its not fare on baby. i want to do the right thing:\?


  • Sweet, no one can tell you or advise you on what to do, but for what it's worth, I personally feel a baby is better off with one parent who is happy than with two that are not. Just because you separate from her dad doesn't mean that you're bringing her up without him - he can still be there for her.

    Big hugs to you

  • how were you both before you got pregnant? Could the arguments be hormone related? I dont really know what to suject as not been in your situation. have you tried sitting down and just talking or maybe spending a bit of time apart. We all go though bad patches and you might feel differently after your baby arrives. sorry I cant be more helpful but feel for you xxx
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