was just wondering how everything was with u and baby after our scare the other week??
did they ever tell u what it was?? they never told me
hope ur well

vic xx


  • Hi Victoria....
    Hope you are well and LO fine...
    .I had my scan yesterday, which was great. Bambino is fine, growing as it should and has 10 fingers and toes etc...... My placenta isn't where it should be and I have to go back at 34 weeks to see if its moved...I asked the sonographer if this is why I bled and she said they should have scanned me when I went into hospital as she said its hard to know exactly why I bled but it may have been a factor towards it. My internal swab came back clear (a lot of cm but nothing to worry about).

    How have you been? Any more bleeding, pains etc?
    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • hi
    glad ur scan went well i went for a scan last week but had a trainee and she messed it up so going back today so fingers crossed bump will be wide awake so we can see if its a boy or girl.
    i never did get the results from my internal they r rubbish round here!!!
    but haven't had anymore bleeding just had spd but thats all

    vicky xxx
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