stomach ache question

hi girls.

iv been suffering from stomach ache since last night and still have it now. is this normal?my belly looks maassive! asnd my trousers that were loose yesterday feel tight!

ashy 4+6


  • Hey ashey, what type of tummy pain? Like period? dont panic - I have had pains since finding out and doctor said it is totally normal. he said only worry if it is directly on one side and i find hard to stand upright or I get some bleeding.

    I know it sounds hideous but the other day I had such bad cramps I called my mum crying, but it was just wind (sorry not trying to sound funny as I was so scared but the pain was similar)

    gd lk xxx
  • Hi hun

    I am nearly 13 weeks and have had a belly ache every time I have woken up in the morning. Mine sadly is IBS and an upset tummy each morning but it hurts. It's more a belly ache than AF pain or cramps you know but maybe you have an upset tummy or it could just be the fact that all is moving about down there.

    I would say if it carrys on or is really really painful or just one side then I would speak to your GP

    K xx
  • hi girls. im feeling a lot better now, i think it was trapped wind soz tmi!

    thanks anyways image

    ashy x
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