Miffed Off!!!!


As alot of you know, i am possibly starting labour! Been getting my tightenings every 5 mins for 45 seconds to a minute. Well i went for a walk yesterday (slow one cos of my spd, good idea at the time) had a hot curry for my tea.

Well i aint slept very well cos tightenings feel more intense and they starting to hurt a little. So [email protected] been up alot thru the night. My OH asked me if i was ok so i told him.

Then this morning, my 1year old wakes up and OH stays in bed so i've gotta get up wih him! Does anyone think that maybe he should have gotten up? I am so upset with him...the insensitive PIG!! And to top it off, my 1year old only seems to behave for him. He is the devil for me!! :x

Sorry girls but you know how it is. Any one think he should have got up this morning and let me have a bit sleep? :\?

Heather 37+1


  • To right he should of understood how youve been feeling espeacially after you told him and done his fair share, men they are dumb asses at times.
    When i was pg my little girl became a right handful and only behaved for her dad it did settle down once lo arrived but she still has her moments and knows how to wind me right up.
    Take care and good luck for the forth comming arrival hope you get an apperance soon.
    vikki xx
  • of course he should have, slap him one!
  • Glad its not just me who picks men like that. My ex was like it with my two boys didn't seem to understand what I was going through. My new partner is lovely in lots of ways but already he is saying your pregnant not ill. I just want a little more help and attention for carrying our child, imagine the birth and after. He cant get out of bed at the best of times and he falls asleep so early I am worried he wont cope.
    They can be selfish it's sad because I put everyone else first but I dont think he can do that.
    Hope your one turns out good when lo is born. Good luck and take care. xx
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