Gone off food!!

I am only 17 weeks pregnant and have found that i cant eat much because i eother feel really sick or the smell of it just turns my stomach. Any body else felt this way at any point and what did you do about it? i dont want to deprive my baby of its food but i jus cant face proper meals. Can anybody help me? :cry:


  • Have you tried smoothies?
    Some people who feel totally sick by everything can stomach smoothies and if you make them fresh yourself you get all the goodness from the fruit image
  • Dont worry Tilly, your baby will steal nutients from your body and bones so he or she will be fine, but for your own health you just have to keep trying to eat good foods when your having a good moment and hopefully it wont last much longer x
  • I feel like it is taking all the good stuff and leaving me the rubbish stuff, feeling very very tired still and dizzy heavy nosebleeds dont help either and bad migrains its a nightmare. Im hoping this will pass very soon tho!!
  • hi i found to start with all i could face was cream cakes, chocolate and chips. the smell of veg cooking or the idea of anything remotely healthy made me want to vom. now it's kind of back to normal apart from i'm still eating way too much chocolate and lots of packets of starburst, things i never ate before i was pregnant.
    i think it's your body's way of telling you what you're lacking, in my case sweet stuff, and that within reason you should just go with it and hopefully by doing that the sickness will be reduced and then you might fancy something a bit healthier, it seems to have worked for me.
    i hope you feel better soon x x
  • Hi I was really really bad at the beginning of my pregnancy, I could only eat cereal because that was the only thing that didnt turn my stomach! It got a bit better at about 18 weeks but even now there are certain foods I cant touch, meat is one of them. I cant stand the thought of meat or carrots or mayonaise. I still eat alot of cereal and bread but try to eat cheese and eggs to get protein. I've just started taking something called pregnacare which is a multi vitamin especially for pregnant women because I was worried bubba wasnt getting all it needed.
  • Some days I'm fine and have a normal healthy diet. On other days, like yesterday, all I wanted was crisps and vanilla ice cream. .
    The only thing I've refused to pass my lips is diet coke.
    Must try to eat more fruit and veg and less chocolate though, mainly for the size of my bum rather than nutrients for the baby. I'm taking pregnacare too. S x
  • I had really bad sickness and lost a stone in weight, I tried medication from my GP but it made it worse for me so had to stop after 3 days, now I go for actupuncture which I wish I had started sooner as it works really well! I also found a drop in clinic so it is only ??15 instead of ??48!

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