really off my tea's...

throughout the day i can eat cereal for breakfast and some dinner and in between fruit or biscuit etc, but come to tea time and i make tea or hubbie makes it and i really do not fancy eating the nice meat veg especially that is in front of me, had pasta other night and still couldnt touch it, last night had chicken i managed to eat it with forcing water down to swallow it but it gets to about 4pm and i completelt would rather just eat a bag of sweets, chocolate, something sweet rather than the meal....i know its unhealthty i want sweet stuff but this is the only think i can really stomach.........although i have to be grateful i am not actually being sick, its just the taste and smell of the food......when does this pass, i am 9 weeks and3 days.
hubbie is getting quite concerned im not wanting to eat the stuff that is good for us both.



  • i was the same in the beginning months. hubby was doing his own tea and eating it in the kitchen cause i couldnt stand the smell. just eat what you can when you want it. you'll soon get your appitite (sp?!!) back!! the baby will take any goodness it needs from you anyway.

  • I was exactly the same, i really lost my appetite for dinner, but eat what you can when you can, something is better than nothing. Also if you're worried about not getting the nutritional goodness from certain foods then why not take a supplement like pregnacare, that's what i've been doing because i went off my food and only seemed to like eating doughnuts for a while! But knowing i was taking those supplements put my mind at rest a bit!

  • im currentlt taking the pregnacare however after talking to my midwife she said i dont need to take them and to stop folic acid after 12 weeks...i was just gonna carry on with them, although they are very expensive every month.

    9 + 3
  • Try the own brand pregnancy supplements, I have the Sainsburys ones and they are quarter the price of Pregacare x
  • Don't worry about eating all the "correct" things in the first few weeks of pregnancy - as my midwife told me, the baby will get all it needs from your stores and will be prefectly healthy - it's best for you to just eat whatever you can face. It sounds like you are managing to eat plenty of healthy stuff during the day anyway - just eat anything you can at teatime. I felt sick with both pregnancies until 16 weeks, but many people feel better by 12 weeks. Hang in there! xx
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