High blood pressure

Does anyone seem to have developed high bp in pregnancy. I always had very low bp prior to pregnancy and even in last pregnancy. However from 21 weeks its been steadily rising and at 30 weeks appt was 160/86 1st attempt and then with a bigger cuff was 140/80.
I dont have any other symptoms except my ankles swell occasionally but only at end of the day.
I am under stress at the moment but bp was high before then
Filo x


  • hi. i had pre eclampsia in 3 of my pregnancies. try to rest as much as poss. look out for any other signs and if you do get any other signs then phone mw asap. try not to worry too much. but stress won't help. take care.xx
  • cant avoid the stress unfortunately what with dad funeral tomoz and back to work next week
    Filo x
  • mine was really high with my first pregnancy but i had pre-eclampsia x
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