Hello, wonder if anyone can help? It is starting to hurt when i'm going for a wee but at the end of it, nothing during it. Its feels a little like cyctitus. Has anyone had this and what did you have to take? The doctor wont see me untill Friday!!! I know lots of water and cranberry juice is always good but just wondered if anyone else had any ideas. All the receptionist said was take a paracetomol and that should ease the disscomfort.

Any help would be much appreciated!


** UPDATE **
So this morning i took myself of to the doctors to do them a urine test....I can barely see my bits as it is so how i'm meant to catch pee is beyond me. They ask you to write your details on the bottle first....WHY? you get pee all over it and it smudges!?! So got myself in a mess pissing in the stupid pot they give you, gathered myself together and tried to compose myself. I take the sample to the reception and "quitely" tell her is my urine sample....Might as well not bothered as she shouts out to a reception area full of people "can you please write out your details again as you seem to have smudged all the writing"!!! nice one!

Anyway nurse calls me to tell me It was riddled with infection! Possibly due to Andrex wet wipes!!! I am now on a course of antibiotics, gallons of water and cranberry juice! Its quite painful!

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  • sounds like you're on the right track. I would've said loads of water and cran juice to try flush it through. Also, rest because I think you get really fatigued when you have a urine infection and so rushing about seems to make it worse imo.

    Also for comfort ,I guess no tights and wearing only 100% cotton knickers can help.
  • Oh yeah didn't think of the knicker thing! Thanks hun!
  • I would demand to be seen sooner, the sooner you start antibiotics the better. The longer they're left the more painful they get and they can spread up to your kidneys. I spoke to NHS direct when gp fobbed me off initially, they were insistant I was seen sooner either at GP or out of hours. So tried again saying this and was seen as priority!
    Drink lots and lots (no tea/coffee/acidic juice). I'm on 3rd infection now so fully sympathise. Hope you feel better soon.
  • I just called them again and i now have to go into tomorrow and do a wee sample for the nurse and she will test it for me. Thanks hun! Yeah i know to drink lots of water and cran juice! I will adone some cotton knickers and head to the shop for some juice lol!
  • dont get me started on this,when i had my booking in appoinment at the hospital they said they was a trace of protien and something else but they wasnt enough trace for it to be sent away,when i had my 20wk scan it was still there and they was enough in it this time to have it sent away for test,meanwhile i had a MW appointment when i was 22wks and she tested my urine and she said the protien had gone but yesterday i got a letter from the hospital saying... i got an infection which needs treatment,so ive had this now for 13wks iam so annoyed! glad your getting it sorted


  • OMG I can't believe they wouldn't send it off! that is so bad! At least it is now getting sorted! Its not very pleasent is it? yuc!
  • i know,its only now that its starting to get really uncomfortable,it was the same on my first pregnancy,i had it for agers,i wasnt feeling well so went to see the doctors and he just put it down to a pregnancy thing! cant wait to start the tab's tom

  • hi hun it sounds like cystitis so nothing that cant be sorted...but if you get kidney pains go straight to A & E...

    i had cystitis two years ago,nothing out of the ordinary but it kept coming back and i ended up with a dull ache in my back that i later realised was my kidney(call me crazy but at the time i didnt put the two together)i didnt see the doctor until it was a full blown kidney infection,i was really ill and had to go on antibiotics. at the same time they told me i was pregnant but i lost the baby two weeks later they think due to the verociousness of the infection.

    dont want to worry anyone but its better to be safe than sorry!x
  • All I can say is I hate Docotor's receptionists! Why do they think they are in charge of the world! Mine want to know what's wrong with before they give you an appointment.
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