OMG i have just counted how many weeks left till...

image Maternity 5 whole weeks maybe 7 if i can push it to the full length of my contract! I'm stunned and SCARED lol means my days of messin about at Work are numbers as are my days on line image OMG what am i going to do! don't have many friends and don't know many ppl. i'm due to move in 3 weeks adn am now officially BRICKING IT!!!!

lol tahnks for the vent image hope everyones good! :roll:


  • Bot long too go now ladies, I have 12 weeks left at work and counting down the days now! But like some I am scared that I am going to be bored sitting at home all day, we live 6 miles from the nearest town and my next door neighbour is a grumpy old man!!! Thank god for the internet!!!!!!!!!
  • lol don't know where i'll be living so don't know what i'll have access too. I have said i'll be hiding at my mom's after baby to hide from the imposing MIL lol so i can take my laptop round there and get on for a bit lol might see if i can do that during maternity too. SPD worse today image struggling to walk its lunch and i'm sat at my desk gagging for water but can't manage to get to the water machine and back with my bottle image lol i'm looking forward to the sleep ins espec as baby waking me up most of night lol but at same time its so isolating image worried no1 will want to come over as they think i'll be resting hahaha
  • tamara at least you know who your neighbour will be lol... i have my crochet and craft work to do but i don't want to spend EVERY day doing it as it will seem less fun and more like a chore lol...
    Thinking about selling my crochet hats for baby's their cute lil summer type ones.... was thinking ??3 for one ??5 for two lol would you guys pay that sort of price? looking at the market available lol takes me about 2-3 hours to make them but they are so cute! made 3 for min so far... stuck to neutral colours like yellow top and lil brim with whitetube, purple over taking yellow and another with variegated instead of the yellow or purple...

    might even look at doing colours to demand lol... lol mont make a lot of money but might help us.
    Any other ideas on how to sell stuff to mom's and mom's to be? i also make greetings cards and when i have time i make bracelets out of seed beads lol
    i'm a multi crafter hahaha would be nice to sell some of my bits for some money for baby show or just to buy something nice for baby in general!
  • Ive just found out that the housing ass. having found me a two bed house in the area I live in and would like me to move asap. I am 36+1 and as most of you know I live on my own and dont have anything to do with either lo's father or my own family as my mum wanted me to have an abortion! she'll make a great gran willnt she - NOT.
    so Im not sure how I am going to do it. Anyone got a spare partner or husband I can borrow for the day?
  • lol how about we all come over and you'll not feel so alone dottie my oh wouldn't be much help lol Where is it you live? if its not too far we may be able to help you move lol
  • Hi crochetmom, would rather have a different neighbour, mine is a c**t (sorry) moans about the cat scaring "his" birds and has taken to spreading grrese all over the fences to stop the cat climbing (she can actually jump them). Anyway why don't you up load a few pictures onto facebook (bump budies) and then get peoples response? I think they are a resonable price and would be interested!!!

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  • image thanks Tamarabell have problem of camera issues but might try and scan them lol (will be flat a bit cruel to stick baby head in scanner for a pic hahaha plus dun have a baby hahaha only a babyborn doll to play with hahaha) tried the smallest on a 4mnth old and it fit! they are great.... makes me giggle i tjhought i'd only do this for fun as a relaxation thing as don't watch tV and love fiddling so its great also make doll blankets but wouldn't know what to sell them for lol i'm not a great eutroprenur (sp?)
  • awww lara certainkly not wishing time away as love company! don't over do it with the cleaning like i do lol my oh doesn't understand what proper cleaning is and my SPD usually stops me from doing it but last fri stood cleaning kitchen bar floor for 3! hours! he doesn't comprehend cleaning isn't just tidying it involves cleaning equipment. had to get rid of a mop head as he'd left it in stagnant water and no ammount of washing got the smell gone image he'll start a jopb like mopping floors then he'll leave teh dirty water in the bucket and try and use it the next time till i realise and grrrr at him about it lol... need to find some more of you guys in the area for coffee mornings lol

    LO is shifting about alot making my stomach feel bulky and heavy lol think it did a 180 earlier as it felt like it was over stretching my tummy image
  • BE GLAD YOUR WORKING FOR NOW BABE. trust me i have been out of work since i was 11weeks due to sickness and now no one wants to hire pregnasnt lady do they? bored stiff at home, cant wait for baby to come and wake me up.
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