Hi from another newbie!

Hi all, Ive just moved over from TTC, after getting a definate BFP this morning image Im due around 29th/30th October, this is my second baby and it was our first month ttc so we are delighted! Looking foward to getting to know everyone here and picking up lots of advice image


  • Congratulations!! I'm new to this site so i'm getting to know everyone on this board also!


  • congrats on finding out you are pregnant, i bet its still sinking in isnt it.
    i love it when you just find out you are pregnant lol,
    im on baby no 2 also there will be nearly 4 yrs between the baby and my daughter.


  • Hi Fran,
    Congratulations! I also got bfp this morning but finding it hard to get too excited after mc last month. Not sure when i am due yet but probably around the same time as you.
  • Thanks for the welcome image Nikki84 I love your scan pic I would love to have a 4D scan at some stage they look amazing! There will be five years between our son and the new baby so hopefully he will be a protective big brother! LMK sorry to hear of your loss but congrats on your pregnancy hope you have a healthy happy 9months xx
  • There will be five years between my son and this baby also! Are you worried bout how they will get on?


  • Well my son has some mild additional needs so Im a little worried about whether he will fully comprehend that the baby is his brother and sister and is here to stay but he is a very loving child so I think he will be fine image There is only a 5 year gap between my youngest brother and my son( 16 year gap between me and him!) and they get on like a house on fire
  • Hi Fran82, i got BFP this morning too, due same dates as you. So happy for you, we will have to keep in contact to see if the same thing is happing to us both,



  • Congrats to u. Im due about the same time (nov 1st) as you and pink h. Will have to keep in touch.
    How ru feeling anyway?


  • hi darling welcome! congratulations on the BFP!
    Im due in July just hitting 21weeks now. im sure you find this section as interesting and crazy as i do!
    baby dust 4m sarah xxxxxxx
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