Back from my 12 week scan - WITH PIC

HI all, had my 12 week scan earlier and it went amazing!! Baby was wriggling around loads, kicking and punching!! I paid for a private one as couldn't get it on the NHS so i also got a 4d preview - she did a close up of the baby's face but after about 5 seconds baby put both it's hands over it's face so it didn't want us to see anymore!!!

She said i had an anterior placenta - she said not to worry it was fine. Presume this means i won't feel baby move as much when then stage comes??


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  • Hi love, well done with the scan it's wonderful when you see them image I have the same and was feeling her move around 18 weeksimage I can feel her much more now they are getting stronger as well. I was so worried this would stop me from feeling her but all is good image

    K XX
    21 Weeks
  • Hi K-Lou, thanks hun, that's good to know. I panicked when she said as i didn't have a clue where the placenta should be but she reassured me!
    The scan was really amazing, can't wait for the next one now so we can find out the sex (hubby swears it's a boy!)

  • HI hun -
    So glad you had a good scan.
    its a shame you got get a 12 week one where you are - I just cant understand why its not a standard thing everywhere!
    Can you post some pics - I love looking at them.
    My friend had the same thing with her placenta and didn't feel movement til 21 weeks but it didn't impact at all on the pregnancy.

  • Thanks Lisa - i know, bloomin' NHS!!!
    Have updated it with a pic but it's come out really small.....hmmm it's HUGE on my October forum post :lol:

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