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What were your early pregnancy symptoms?



  • Hi ppl wat it is with me is i had intercourse last weekend which is my tym for ovalating day after i became weak n dizzy which im nt sure if dats to do wid it last 2 nyts ive been wakin up to go to sa toilet which is unsual 4 me plus im havin cramps in my side mild back ache my smell is really sensitive my boobs hurt by my armpits plus today im havin a slight discharge can any one advise plz
  • Has anybody experienced a racing heart when going from standing to sitting?
  • Hello everyone image I need a bit of advice as im new to this whole 19 years old so really scared but I could just be being paranoid. I havent had my periods in about 6 weeks, I have been feeling sicky but only a wee bit sick, I have a bloat that you can actually see, been having a stretching feeling in my lower part of my tummy, and had really bad I being paranoid? Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you x
  • And sore boobies at the side...also boobs look a wee bit bigger x
  • Hiya NewExperience I'm in the same situation as you, I'm 23 and experiencing a number of symptoms but don't know whether they are due to paranoia, period or pregnancy. Hope you get the answer you want if you take a test. Xx
  • hey ladies

    why don't you take a test?

    then you Will no x x
  • Daydreamer90...glad to know someone else is in the same boat image hope you get the result your looking for image boooey im just really scared but my boyfriend keeps pestering me to do one image x
  • Do a test girls it's the only way to put ya mind at rest, I was the same with my first we where not really trying for one and when I found out I was so worried but I told the other half and he was over the moon xx
  • I should also add we are trying for number 2 now as our first is 13 months old image
  • I can't do a test with out my OH knowing and would prefer to keep it to myself ATM suppose ill know one way or another by the end of the week hey! Xx
  • Hi ladies image my other half does know and he keeps pestering me to do a test but im just really scared to do one!x
  • Just done a test and got a BFN!x
  • Hi,

    i am 21 years old and have been on the implant for n nearly  3 years and not  had a period on it, im a size 8-10 with size a boobs i have always had tiny boobs if you can call them breasts! but in the last week i have shot up i am now buldging out of a c cup and there so sore feel realy heavy lumpy and hurt when i take my bra off i dont get periods so cant judge on that but i have had a qhite non smelly secretion the last 3 days and i feel realy dizzy light headed and find it hard to focus on anything far away without feeling sick n dizzy and needing a wee alot as soon as i go i need to go again 5 mins later!, i also find i have gone of the taste of tea and im a big tea drinker, i took a test today and its negative i have been in a sexual relationship for 3 months nearly i dont feel worried or like im pregnant but the symptons seem odd can anyone help?

  • well, i thought  i was sick, and achy and feeling unusually tired and nauseated.. i had a light spotting that was about 2 wks earlier than my period should have been, and my mom told me i was pregnant. lol, i said no, you dont know what you are talking about and then i took a test anyway, and sure enough...i was pregnant. 

  • I used pre seed last week on my ovulation day an 2 days after ovulation i am now experiencing sensitive and sore nipples not boobs just nipple whats the chances of gettin a bfp next week 

  • I started getting really sore boobs and sore nipples like 7-10 days after my period finished! I thought it was due to my period because I was also experiencing cramping. I Took a pregnancy test around 2 weeks later and it was positive! Good luck and congrats if you are image 

  • Congrats on your pregnancy, DemWatson!

    Don't know if you're sure but this is quite an old discussion thread. Nothing wrong with that of course but, if you'd like us to point you to some more recent Pregnancy chat or one of our lovely Birth Clubs, please do let us know!

  • hello can anuone j

    hello can anyone help me I'm trying for a baby but I have irregular periods I come on on the 21st for 2days in a month whens best to try for a baby

  • A couple of weeks before my period due, i had a symptom of pain in my nipples only and my breast getting bigger... Im thought that a sign of my period  bcoz I had also a little cramp in my abdomen.. but after 3 days of delay in my period, I checked in PT and I got positive...

  • Hi! Im also irregular.. and I also found out that I have polycystic ovaries that cause my irregular period and dificult  to conceive a baby.. my Ob prescribe me clomid to induce ovulation... in my second cycle of clomid I got positive.????????????. mybe u should consult to your Ob so that she can advice for d best...????

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