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What were your early pregnancy symptoms?

How soon did you experience pregnancy symptoms ladies? Did you get any before you had missed you AF?
The reason I ask is because I have sore nipples, not boobs just the!!
I ovulated around five days ago and did lots of BDing at that time. Can't help thinking that I am jumping the gun though!! Far too soon!! Probably just a symptom of ovulation or pill hormones still knocking about.

Interested to know your experiences though x

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  • Hi pinkpig, I started to get a feeling I was pregnant about 1 1/2 weeks before I was due on, so pretty early! Like you I had really tender nipples and sort of butterflies in my tummy for a few days. Have you done a test yet? Mine came up positive the week before I was due, doctor didn't believe it and made me do another one. Also just sort of knew that something was different! Good luck and hope you get a positive result!
  • I was the same, I had very painful breasts when I took my bra off, although I am a 34H but they were agony. I also had morning sickness very early on, about 3 weeks and my tastes changed. I couldnt eat anything strong tasting and the smell of my husband making his morning coffee made me want to be sick!
  • Hi Tamarabell, no haven't done a test thought be too early. I'm not due on till 6th Febish. Would be soon do you think considering it was only 4-5 days ago that I ovulated?

    Anymore of you had early symptoms?
  • hi i had none i am now 8 -10 weeks pg and i still have none!! i guess everyone is different xxx
  • I ov'd on a tues/wed and on the sunday night I began to feel sick during the night and got up monday morning having an inkling I was preggers, by the wednesday I was sure as I'd had lots of cramps as I had done in previous pregnancies, i was exhausted and still feeling sick, i tested positive 4 days before af was due and I'm now 24+5...

    This was my 3rd pregnancy in 10 months so I knew the symtoms well...
  • Hi, i was around 4 weeks pg, the day i was due on i had a tiny bit of spotting and then stoped i thought this was strange as i never come on when i'm supposed to. i left it 2 days and then did test and it was positive. I think my boobs were a bit sensitive but thats it. The first time i fell pg (unfortunatly mc) i knew 4 weeks gone, before i did a test, because i was really sick all the time. I think everyone has different symptoms and each pregnancy is different too. x
  • At around a week after I would have ovulated (no idea when I did though, just a guess from my dates!) I got sharp stomach pains like a stabbing pain.

    Around the time of my missed af I felt tired, with cramps (unusual for me as I rarely got af cramps but thats what it felt like), and needed the loo more. And a week after that I started being sick!!! xxx
  • Hiya, I remember about a week before my AF was due I was sick in the middle of the night, and then around the time my AF was due I was really dizzy all the time, which is something I normally get when I ovulate, but apart from the dizziness I just kept feeling like my AF was going to come on and I was really dry down there (tmi sorry!!).

    I'm 10 and a half weeks now and I have very very sore nipples and constant nausea, but the dizziness has gone.

    Everyones experience is different though, good luck xxxx
  • Cant help much as for 3 wks before I found out I was pg I had a water infection that just would not clear! I didnt even realise I was late because of the pain!
    My oh must have had a suspicion tho because he got me a test to do on Friday 18th which came up negative! On the Friday I went to the docs who sent me to hospital because he started to suspect a hernia, because it was abdo pain the nurse said they had to do a pg test and I said fine and told her about the negative one.
    When she came back she said - you were expecting negative - its not! Me and Oh just looked blankly and said "what you saying" she laughed and said "its not negative". The penny still didnt drop for a couple of minutes and we both just burst into tears and said "are we having a baby" still laughing the nurse said - "yep"
    So a suspected hernia and a horrendous water infection were my symptoms!
  • at 3 weeks pregnant i had sore boobs which was unusual for me and then i did a test when i had my scan it worked out i did the test when i was 4weeks pregnant so i had quite early symptoms oh yeah i also had really light spotting when AF was due, classic symptom
  • Im fairly similar to princess jane as in I've had very little symptoms. The main one bein quite tender boobs on the right sides. A couple of days of nausea but nothing too bad. I was weeing a lot that seems to have a settled. so everything has gone quite quiet really - was anyone else like this? x
  • I'm a  little over a week past ovilation and my nipples are sensitive. I have not been able to sleep at night (i'm not sure why). My husband and I have been having unprotected sex for awhile now and I haven't been able to get pregnant. I didn't know if this was a sign that i very well could be pregnant? I havent had sore nipples with af but have had cramps and sore breasts. I have no signs of getting my period and it's suppose to come tomorrow. I keep track of everything and have my periods regularly since i have been done with college basketball for two years.

  • OK. so this is my story. After my finace and I had sex, I was cool up until about 2 weeks ago. Mine you, he and I are work-acholics. We had sex once and back to business. This was 2/10. I have been going thru a few different things but preg wasn't one of them. We have children but they are all grown! SO.. this is what I am going thru. little cramps on the left or right side of my stomach. Some kind of pulling behind my navel maybe. slight headaches, nausea, a little lower back cramp, gassy   and now some kind of slight pain but only in one nipple.I can't tell if im tired because I'm ALWAYS tired! image I had a cycle last week but it to was strange. It was light pink the first day, a darker pink the second day and redish for two days after. That was it. I am so pass nervous about taking a test seeing it would only be 3 weeks anyway. Please tell me if I'm loosing my ming??

  • Everyone is diffrent so its hard to say, theres only really one way to find out image

    Ive had every symptom under the sun and was trying for a year, but when i actually was pregnant i didnt realise because i had irregular cycles but i know i was 14 dpo when i tested i got a BFP i only twigged because i was queing in primark during crimbo rush and felt faint all of a sudden, and it suddenly hit me! i remember thinking ''OH MY GOD''.....and dropping my items and running to boots! I knew it was going to be positive lol Im still in denial at 15 weeks pregnant lol good luck, let us know the out come image xx


  • Me and my paryner have been trying for baby number 2 since i had my implabt out in marcj i had a stich like pain for a week then the other day i woke up wiith swollen boobs and very sore nipples ime waitibg for af may wait 2 wewks before i do a test fingers crossed xx
  • My first sympton was an aversion to diet coke which I normally love!  It just seemed to taste funny!  Then there was a bizarre dizzy feeling followed by extreme tiredness! 


  • I only found out three days ago image but in my 2ww I had no symptoms at all!! I started testing 10dpo and got my bfp 11dpo! image still don't really have any symptoms! Boobs feel abit heavier and having period like cramps every now And then but that's about it! It's probably the calm before the storm! Haha xxx
  • Hi I started my period 3 days late heavy for two days and then got lighter. Usually I am on time and my periods are 7 days long. This period was 6 days. My husband and I did not use any protection. I had a few days of my nipples sore then that stopped. My breast are bigger and I have had several headaches and nausea. Some cramping off and on. My suspected date is May 18. I have read online of wonen having periods while periods while pregnsnt. Well actually bleeding. My friend bleed for 6 months for son. Like a period eaxh month. My first pregnancy I had flu like symptoms and backache. I hear pregnancies can be different. I am going to take a pregnancy test. We pray that I am. We are wanting to. I was just hoping for next my, but would be excited and blessed if we are now.

  • I don't know what's going on with me. My breast are swollen, nipples are hurting like crazy, always going to the bathroom, gassy, heartburn, and cramps. I didn't have any of these symptoms with my son. I haven't had af since June 17th. My cycles are irregular do to the depo shot last year. I taken a test Monday realizing it was to early, since my period is not expected until July 31st. It's no way I should be feeling like this since it's so far off. I'm praying that I'm pregnant. Because I'm in agony. 

  • I am not due my period for another 2 weeks or more and this last week I have had sore nipples, cramping, weeing more, prior to this discharge was very watery like for a day or 2 and I feel " just different" some veins in my boobs seem more prominent, my husband and I had sex just over 2 weeks ago and again a couple of days ago, I know it is way to early for me to do a test, bdid has anyone else felt like this so early on

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