are you really eating more?

i have to say i have odd days but most of time i dont feel im eating anymore than before i was pregnant. i am just eating when hungry and will leave food if im full up. i sometimes feel i hope im eating enough? surely if im not hungry its silly to eat.


  • i am so glad you posted this! i feel like i hardly eat a thing and when i do its hardly ever a staple diet!
    before i was pregnant i used to eat loads- i've never been shy around food.

    now i just cant seem to face it like i used too, the only time i'm hungry is breakfast where i could eat for england, cereal, toast, bacon butties love it!
    lunch i can take it or leave it and dinner i hardly ever feel like eating. every dinner time is a battle for me i never want anything! i have gone off vegetables i just cant stomach them like i used too.
    the only thing i can eat lots of is fruit and of course crisps and chocolate!
    i dont think its affecting baby as my bump seems massive, i do wish i had more of an appetite but like you wont eat just for the sake of it!

  • OMG, I am totally the opposite to you. Although I wish I could be more like you. I am defo eating more. I live opposite a convenience shop, so temptation is only 10 steps away. Ive asked Hubby to support me a little more, as he brought some Maryland cookies home on Friday and with one cup of coffee I had ate them all!!!! I am used to exercising like a freak and being able to eat roughly what I want. Now im not exercising my body is finding it hard to cut back the portion sizes and not eat the crap. I am expanding rapidly!! 29 wksxxxx
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