hi ladies i had my little girl 2 weeks ago and i am feeling quite sad that my pregnancyhas come to the end. its strange not feeling her inside moving around quite empty. any one else ever had this feeling x x x


  • This is what I'm dreading as well, so can't help you there - this is my 4th and last child so I am feeling a bit sad already that this will be my last pg every......

    On the positive side, at least everyone else gets to share in your joy and you get to show her off and dress her up....!!

  • That sounds completely normal to me, I felt exactly the same after having my son and was so broody for ages after having him. I used to get dead jealous of pregnant women wen i was out shopping, but then they used to giv me funny looks coz i had my baby and they didnt have theirs yet. It will soon pass its just ur body hasnt adjusted properly to not been pregnant, afterall you had been carrying the baby for 9months. Congrats on ur baby and enjoy it while shes little coz she will soon grow up. Kerry xxx
  • I felt like this after my first, even though I was desperate to get her out and meet her lol. I also found that I was still really overprotective of my tummy for months after having her even though I had nothing in there to protect any more hehe. It's funny the way our minds work, we really want them out, then we miss them being in there.xxx
  • Awww just think you grew your gorgeous little girl for 9 months and now you can have just as much fun watching her grow up image

    I'm sure what you're feeling is totally normal, I will miss having my lo wriggling around inside me!


  • Hi Bev, I feel exactly the same hun & feel really nostalgic about my lovely 9 months... I miss my bump lots & being a new mum is soooo much harder than being pregnant! Bertie's my first and it was such an amazing magical experience carrying him in my tummy - can't wait for the next one!! xx


  • I told my OH I was worried about feeling like this and he laughed and said thats alright babes well just enjoy putting another one in there lol men! haha xxx
  • Awww, bless you. I didn't immediately miss being preg but I'm starting to get really broody now, my LO is 8 months today and I'd love to start TTC but we've already booked hol for Sept and I really don't want to be preg while I'm away. Guess I'll just have to wait a few more months!
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