Hi ladies, Hope you and bumps are well.
Today me and my OH decided to go to our local shopping park thingy, cant think of the name now. ( baby brain), where there are loads of shops in one area, you know what i mean.....ANYWAY went into a shop called Peacocks and got a gorgeous long beige wollen maternity cardigan reduced from ??20 to ??8, then went into Asda George and got two pairs of jogging bottoms (pregnancy must have) black pair and grey pair for only ??2.65 each!!! WHAT THE HELL.......THEN went into mothercare and got a gorgeous beige (to go with cardigan) top for ??7 and a plain whit (but flattering fit) top for ??2.75!! can you believe it? iv been really ill so not been to the shops at all, but couldnt believe the bargins iv been missing. also mamas and papas have some great items for cheap too but thought i best calm down as dont know how big im going to get in the next few months.
Well just thought i would share the great deals with you, definatley too good to miss

Sarah XxXxX 17+5

P.s A Retail Park, thats what the "shopiing thingy" is called, Rang my OH at work to ask him hehe.



  • ha ha - your post made me laugh - i've got 'pregnancy brain' too.
    thanks for the tips - i'm anticipating needing quite a few things!!!!

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