A bit tetchy?

Everything is really getting on my wick at the moment,

My boss is being an a-hole and im not taking any sh*t from him and I think he and everyone else knows that now, the other people at work agree he's being unreasonable so I know im not being irrational, but instead of it hurting my feelings I feel like smashing him in the face with a stapler or a cup or something equally as hard.

At home im not so bad as long as im left alone and my o/h doesnt start winding me up - he thinks he's funny!

It must be my hormones - hope it will pass soon lol

Georgie 15+5


  • God i am just the same though poor hubby is getting it. Anybody has to look at me wrong in the last few days and i am ready to take them LOL

    K xx
  • lol i was like this earlier on too its eased off a bit now but when you get to near the end it comes back with a vengence. i kept shouting at my oh in bed as his breathing was p***ing me off its sooo loud hehe its funny to look back now i did warn him i was a monster when pg he soooo didnt believe me
  • My hubby says its like living with a pyscho!!! I am sure I have no idea what he means.....hee hee!!!

    Lisa xx
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