Maybe I watch too much television but I am constantly worrying about all the possible things that could go wrong. This is my first baby so I don't really know what I'm supposed to feel. I'm 19+3 weeks today and have my 20 week scan on Tuesday. I am terrified that there will be something wrong. Then if there isn't anything found in the scan, I know I'll start worrying about other possibilities. I also don't feel very pregnant at the moment, I've just come out of the sickness and exhaustion phase and I do have a bump but I just don't feel anything else. In my heart of hearts I know I'm being silly but I can't seem to stop thinking about all the negatives.


  • Hey,

    I think its normal to worry- well i hope it is as i constantly do it!!! I think worrying comes attached to the bfp!

    from about 17 wk till about 28 wks I didn't feel very pregnant as i wasn't sick or tired anymore- its classed as the honeymoon period.... i miss those days!!! They go soooo quickly.

    I hope your scan goes well on tuesday, and try not to worry too much


  • Thanks waterbaby,

    Just needed the reassurance that what I'm feeling is normal!
  • try not to be too worried so u don miss out on the important things, congrats by the way n goodluck for ur app on tues. keeping my fingers crossed everyting will go fine.
  • hi hope your scan goes well on tuesday. we have our 20 week scan in about 2 weeks time and we are really scared and worrying. i think it is normal to feel like this. let us know how you get on. are you finding out the sex of the little one. xxx
  • Thanks everyone, we have decided not to find out about the sex of the baby, although secretly I'd quite like to know! Good luck for your scan too!
  • Worrying is def natural hun ! Im 41 weeks now and still wake up first thing in the morning and check for the bump !! You know those few minutes between sleeping and waking ? The first thing I think is 'am I still pregnant' ?! LOL :lol:
  • yay is good not to find out the sex i had my scan on weds and have kept as a suprise even more exciting on the birth day of the baby now!!! image and i worry all the time too so im glad im not the only1 xxx
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