Help me please - I'm just shy of 6 weeks gone with my very first pregnancy.

Seriously how normal is it to have cramps so bad that you could almost rip the bathroom sink off the wall? I've had these since Thursday last week, Getting a bit peeved as I'm getting no sleep, so getting overtired and incredibly emotional *cry*

Going to see Dr later on, for some sort of clue, and the midwife tomorrow.

But has anyone on here experienced this? or is it just me?


The cramps are all at the front, just above the pubic bone.

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  • Cramps shouldn't be that painful- are they onesided at all? x
  • Its normal to have cramps, but mine werent as bad as yours sound hun - best to see a doctor to put your mind at rest but Im sure everything is fine hun


  • Oh love sorry your in pain

    Cramps are normal but as the girls have said not as bad as yours sound, are they to one side if they are then I would get to A&E to get this checked out. I am not saying that to scare or upset you but you need to check that out asap if its at one side.

  • My cramps are all at the front just above the pubic bone. OH believes its just when my bits are stretching to accomodate the 6 LO i have in me (he so better not be right about there being 6!!)
  • If it's at the front that could be normal but then if they are that painful thats not right? At least you are seeing the doctor and then hopfully he can give you some kind of idea as to why your getting this pain.

    Hav eyou had any bleeding at all?? Maybe you have twine or 3 babies in thereimage

    k XX
  • No bleeding at all, which I'm quite thankful for.
    Could well be twins, there is a history on both sides on the family!! I would seriously pee my pants if it was twins
  • Ahh bless yaimage when is your doctors app, i am sure he is going to be able to help you and let him know they are not just normal cramps they are very very painful.

    Keep us posted.

    k XX
  • If you would pee your pants if it was twins, what would you do if OH is right and it's six?!!

    Good luck sweetie

    18+5 x
  • My cramps were really painful but then my period cramps are too. Worth getting checked if your worried but just wanted to reassure you I was sobbing clutching a hot water bottle and Im now 39 weeks pregnant (funnily enough clutching a hot water bottle)
  • my cramps were really bad, so bad i couldnt stand up i was constantly bent over. i was told this was normal as everything was stretching. but i would contact your doctor or midwife just to be on the safe side image take care

    Hannah 35+3 xx
  • My cramps were also really bad, to the extent where I had to go and lie down or I'd have dropped down. Definitely go see your doc though just to be on the safe side, take care xx

  • My cramps in the early days were also really bad - they would wake me up in the night in a cold sweat, shaking because they hurt so much, but it was nothing sinister! However, it did turn out that I had a urine infection which they said could be adding to the pain so worth having a urine test (which I'm sure your doc will do as routine anyway).
    Take care x (31+6)
  • cramps are very normal, but mine were that bad i went to the doc and he told me it is all normal and the uterous stretching making room for baby! he said that as long as not unbearble pain, one sided or accompanied by bleeding then everything is fine. oh and i am execting twins, so it might be that the extra pain you are getting is because you are too!
  • I had really bad cramps early on, and again around the 15wk mark. When I was first getting them, I went into EPU for an early scan, and everything was fine, and was told it was just stretching, and had the same thing at 15wks, although they thought it was my apendix then =( Luckilly it wasnt.
  • Thanks Ladies for the reassurance.
    Went to the Dr last night, no tenderness in tummy, no urine infection, no bleeding. She confirmed that it was more than likely to be a lot of stretching going on. She's signed me off work for 2 weeks to rest up, as the cramps are waking me up at night, leaving me crying and just generally feeling tired and rubbish.
    I've never used my hot bottle so much. Although last night it freaked OH out last night, as my bottle is covered with a big cuddly winnie the pooh complete with a big round tummy he thought I'd gone from 6 weeks to 8 months in a flash.
    Damn my uterus for being in a toned shape - it's only part of me that is : )
    Going to see the midwife later on today, hopefully she'll have some more advice for me about getting rid of the pain, paracetamol just doesn't seem to shift it all and I'm not allowed to take ibropfren or asprin because of my asthma.
    Thanks agan Ladies.
  • That's good that you have been signed off- looks like you need it. Fingers crossed it won't last long

    18+6 x
  • I have had these!
    I am six weeks gone and have had the most awful cramps that wake me up in night in agony and leave me crying!

    I called the hospital a number of times, had a urine test and scan all seems okay.

    They were happening about 3 times a day and 3 times at night. I also took some time off work. They have eased off now which is good as they left me in agony.

    The hospital also just put it down to stretching pains
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