Bath Products & Pregnancy

Hi all

Looking for some advice about bath products are there any you can't use during pregnancy i have a feeling i have read about some somewhere but can;t find it now

Any advice apprciated

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  • Hi this is a difficult one really... although I was happy when i found out i was expecting i was also disappointed as I couldnt use my new aromatherapy oil bubble bath I had brought.... never mind... i know you have to be careful about some aromatherapy products but not sure about other bubble baths... I havent used anything since as I couldnt remember... I might ask the mw next time I see her

    Lisa 22+2
  • in no Lush products are safe as they have no essential oils so that suited me! love LUsh stuff!! xxx
  • I think sanctary from boots is also ok as I have seen them advertised in baby mags as pampering treats didnt think of them til just now x
  • i think its just certain aromatherapy/essential oils that you need to avoid. sanctuary do lots of different 'flavours' which are really nice and I think (but i couldn be imagining it) they do one especially for mums to be. They usually do really good gift sets in Boots so could put them on your xmas list.

    Have to say - love lush too though!
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