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Finding it really hard

Did anyone else find it really hard to quit smoking when they found out they were pregnant? I quit when I last found out I was pregnant but when that failed I started again and this time am finding it extra extra hard. How did anyone else manage? xx


  • Im sorry Ive never smoked so Im not really the right person to give advise. I know it must be a really hard habbit to break (my mum was quitting for years)
    How far gone are you?
    My oh said that it helped him to look at the scan picture on his phone when he felt like having a fag...but he's started again now as well.
    Apparently the cravings only last 5 min, so if you can manage to keep yourself busy when you really feel like you need a smoke then after the initial 5 min you should be ok....the only problem with that theory is that even if the cravings last 5 min-that doesnt mean they're not gunna be coming often.
    Sorry I cant be any help hun, good luck with quiting


  • Hey Tuppence,

    I gave up smoking as soon as I found out I was pregnant in Oct and then from last month I started smoking one a day after work and have been unable to stop. I don't smoke at all at the weekend, so in reality I have 5 a week but I feel intensly guilty about it.

    Sorry I don't have much advice but wanted to let you know you aren't the only one.

  • I am so glad you have posted this! I have exactly the same problem but didn't want to feel judged as I feel so bad/guilty! I gave up with no problem what so ever with my first child and assumed it'd be the same this time. I was so wrong I now 3 months and still smoking about 10 a day (I use to smoke 20 a day). I feel awful and don't understand why I'm finding it so hard. I have just bought the Alan Carr easy way for women to stop smoking under recommendation from a friend to see if that works. Let me know how you get on. It nice to know I'm not the only one and I think you're really brave for your posting, well done. image
  • I am really glad to read this - I am also finding it really really hard to quit. I cut back to 10 a day from 20+ and am trying to get it down further.
    Earlier in my pg i went to the support group for a 7 week course and got free patches and lots of help and i did quit completely for about 6 weeks. i was then really stupid and bought some fags in response to some problems (with hubby and my 5 yrold) i was having at the time, convinced that i could control it. since then, I have been buying patches and trying hard - some days i'm fine and then other days i give in and smoke again. I am desperate to quit again, the positive thing is that the course i went to helped me to learn some tricks and ways of controlling the urges. I am confident i will do it again and for good this time!!!
    The allen carr book is good as well and well worth a read - my advice is do not put it down until you have read every word! I read half, felt great and then tried to finish it a week later and the effect wasn't the same! Read it in one go if u can and it should work.
    Its nice to know that others are struggling too...i hate myself for giving in to something that i know is so wrong for me and lo but sometimes i don't know where to turn for help xxx
  • I quit with my first, but started back smoking as soon as I was out of hospital, much the same with my second. With Violet I set myself a date of being 6 weeks pregnant to stop and to be honest it made me feel so sick anyway that I had no choice.

    Since having Violet I have had terrible cravings - almost hourly and it is only when the hv said even holding a baby within a hour of smoking is the same as smoking whilst holding the baby I realised that unless I was ever actually away from Violet I could never smoke.

    Now I am 6 weeks +2 with baby no 4 and thankfully the thought and smell of it makes me want to blow rather large chunks!!!

  • I am 23+1 and have cut down from 20 a day to 2 or 3 a day when im really stressed.

    Midwife says its better to cut down gradually than altogether as it can affect your stress and blood pressure and this in itself is bad for the baby.
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