How did you all get preggers?

I have been meaning to ask for a while now. Thought it would be interesting to read eachothers stories about where and how you conceived your lo. Were you TTC for a while or did it happen suddenly, also...what was the sex position that you used to get pregnant?? Did you use any tricks or old wives tales that helped?

For us it was another welcomed surprise. I was in uni and my oh had just finished his legal practise course so it wasn't brilliant timing, but we're so happy and looking forward to having our girl. And it was doggy style that got me pregnant (blush) :lol:

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  • Again mine was a surprise, though i hadnt been on any contraception for a month or so so it should've been expected really!

    I can't say when exactly it happened or which position as we (used to!!!) have sex at least every day! But he wasnt conceived in any original place like a toilet or a car - haha - just the bedroom, though I bet some people have some right stories. xxx
  • :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Our was 'just a bedroom' too!! I bet there are some weird and wonderful places where other mums conceived!!

  • We were in Turkey, and don't tell any one, but it was on the hotel balcony (now I'm blushing!) First month we had been trying so it came as a bit of a suprise coz it took over a year with Millie.
  • We had been trying for about 3 months when I fell pregnant. It was just after our wedding , would have concieved either on honeymoon or just after we got home! Oh actually says that he timed it like that so that we were married first, lol! More than likely will have been doggy style for us too! Tammi xxx
    20 days to go!
  • Lol, my oh was a 'honeymoon baby' he gets soooo embarrassed about it!! lol

    With Evie was were having unprotected regular sex for a year! then with this lo, it was once unprotected then BAM! i get preg 1st time!! i think having babies makes you more fertile..
  • Lol, hotel balcony!! Hope it was the top floor. Me & my oh are too chicken to have sex outside, we tried it once just for comedy value if nothing else but got caught out by dog walkers! Arrrghhh xxx
  • No, it was the 1st floor lol. Needless to say some alcohol had been involved and we did take the quilt out to hide under!
  • can't remember the exact day but it was between christmas and new year and we'd been discussing tryin for a baby in the new year, then after a few drinks got a bit frisky later that day and hey presto i was pregnant! i'm sure the minute we decided to try it was like our fertility went through the roof, was a bit shocked it happened so quickly but over the moon at the same time xx
  • Not much trying involved here either. image

    I had been taken the pill for nearly 12 years and when we decided to have a baby I presumed it would take a little while and we did not try in the sense of trying. Think we only had sex a few times since I had stopped taking it and I got pregnant straight away (we presumed it would take about 6 to 12 months, don't know where we had that old wives tale from!). Anyway, only boring bedroom sex here, too. :P
  • Hiya I waas with oh for a few months when I got pregnant - bit of a shock!
    Max was conceived in a Buddhist centre!! image

    Must have been some good karma...
  • I came off the pill one month before our wedding and we used protection until the wedding night. (Made the wedding night so much more special!).
    I had been on the pill for 15 years so thought it would take a while but 6 weeks later we found out I was four weeks gone after having only one normal period cycle!
    Over the moon!
    We were at it every other night (purposely as they say thats best for optimum sperm) and usually in the bedroom although I have an inclination that it was either over the banister on the landing or on the dining room table!!
    (Be fair, we had just got married!!!).
    I tended to lay very unattractively on the bed with my legs in the air and a pillow under my bum (Mums recommendation!)for about 10 minutes after each 'session' too to help them swim!! hehe.....
    One of our 'tactics' clearly worked!
    Wey hey, now only 7 and a half weeks to go!

    32+4. xx
  • came off the pill last october but waited a bit to sort out cycles until christmas. was really ill in jan then missed ov due to rugby in feb (we were out in the pub when i found out i was fertile and very drunk so by the time recovered it was too late) so march was our first month of proper trying did smep.
    concieved on 29th march on the sofa in the living room. then popped legs up and over the back of the sofa and watched lost on sky+. nothing exciting or interesting for us either.

    karen 11+1
  • I came off the pill and it was our first month trying. When I was meant to be most 'fertile' in that part of the month poor hubby walked in the door from work and I dragged him upstairs to the bedroom! I was meant to get my period while we were away in Scotland and it never came, we just thought my cycle had gone wappy as I'd had a normal period the first month off the pill and we thought the good luck had run out reading about all the stuff the pill does to your body. But no, a week later we gave in and tested and it was positive!

  • I came off the pill at christmas but never had any periods so we carried on with a fairly laid back approach!! We had an amazing time on valentines night so we like to think we conceieved then :lol:

    I had started to read the Zita West books on conception and one tip I picked up was not to use the loo for 20 minutes after sex and to lie very still on my back - but who knows if any of it actually worked!! It was only the week before easter and still no periods that we started to think 'maybe you should go to the doctors??!' and there it was image

    p.s I think OH was on top but can't remember :lol:
  • Gosh you girls seem lucky!! Took us 18months!!!!

    Not sure when or what position but glad it happened image


    I've got or had endometrosis (never been investigated since my diagnosis to see if the patch had dried up) and was told it can take a while to conceive.... bit of a surprise it happened so quickly!! Did you know why it took 18 mnths or was it one of those things?
  • I came off the pill and fell pregnant 3rd month of trying....Was trying to follow ovulation technique for first 2 months and because nothing happened thought we would just leave it to fate following month and it worked!!!

    Funny part about it was, the night I concieved was Rich's birthday and we were both really, really drunk as we had been out celebrating and Rich woke me up at 6 in the morning as I was in stepsons bed!!! I don't even remember getting home let alone what bed I got in so we must have done the deed sometime but neither of us can remember!!!

    I won't be telling LO that story bless s/he but it definately a story to remember!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • we had been trying by which I mean not using any contrception for two and a half years.. we decided after I had an large lump removed from my overies and they said that I prob wouldn't be able to get pregnant and if I did it prob wouldn't carry... so no pressure like!! lol

    I had been to visit family for a week... when I came back we went on a night out together, and came home (early) and stayed up till 4am having nookie! lol I menber joking to a mate how I needed that after a week with none! lol This is going to sound daft.. but I remember feeling oh that was special! I was on a high! OH text me the next day from work saying 'last night was amazing babes! lol can't wait for more later! xxx'

    we did spoons, me on top, him on top, doggy and reverse cowgirl lol ... so not sure which had the magic touch! lol

    But..Mum was rushed into hospital and I was under loads of stress so didn't do it again for about a week which was unusual for us! and with in three weeks of that 'special' night lol my mate looked at me and said 'oh my god your pregnant'.. my mum said it to me later that day too.. I did 4 tests all came up with in seconds of weeing on the stick!

    When the doctors and sonographer were working out my dates I almost told them about our night lol... she just said lol I don't need to hear!! haha...

    lol I must learn to be more shy! haha xxx
  • Know what you mean it_must_be_love about the special bit!! I know on Valentines night what we had was probably one of our best times :lol: I remember OH saying to me afterwards wouldnt it be amazing if we just made our baby because it was certainly memorable image

    I went to visit my parents mothering weekend my mum asked me if I was pregnant cause 'i looked it' and i was like 'no don't be mad!' valentines and what hubby said didn't even occur to me

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  • Me and hubby decided just to see what happened- we weren't exactly 'trying' but if it happened then great. We both really wanted a baby together but for some reason I though it would take ages to get pregnant. We weren't consiously thinking about conceiving, I had my period in July and we had sex every day for a couple of weeks after that (tried a few positions but didn't do any of that legs in the air afterwards stuff) well my next period never came! So it was within the first month of 'trying' I was so shocked.

    My first baby was about 3 months old when we started bedroom action a bit carried away one day and didn't use a condom and hey presto I was pregnant again. We're definitely gonna be more careful this time!

  • i slept in the wet patch!!

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