Sudocrem in late pregnany?

I am desperately trying to keep myself 'neat and tidy' into the late stages of my pregnancy, both for OH and the birth and therefore, shaved my bikini line yesterday. I couldn't see a thing due to large bump and just did it by feeling and experience!
For some reason though (and its never happened before) I have come out in an awful shaving rash at the tops of my legs which is very painful (despite not being able to see it unless I look in a mirror!).
It has actually blistered a little.
While I am not worried about the rash itself (I know skin is more sensitive and there is more blood on the surface of the skin during pregnancy) I do want to put something on it to calm it.
Does anyone know if sudocrem is safe.
I have a few mini tubs (freebies with bounty packs etc) ready for lo and could open one and apply just a bit.

Do you think it will be OK or should I avoid it?


33+5. xx


  • OMG!
    ive just had this problem, mine all blistered and its was so so sore! i used sudocrem, think its fine though im not sure. well this was well over a week ago and its not so sore just doesnt look good, which is great cause got a sweep on wed, wanted it to be neat for that. think ill just leae it though.
  • I used sudocrem when pregnant and never had any problems with it. It doesnt say you cant use it when your pregnant so i hadnt really thought of any potential risk. Cant see there being any though as its safe to use on the baby from birth. Good luck! Hope it heals quickly for you. I done the same thing before i had my daughter 2 weeks ago and it has been a nightmare since. ! because i had to have a section so scar in that area itchy now as healing but 2 the hair has started to grow back and itches like mad but area way to sensitive to shave at the min. My advise would be leave it natural as unpleasant as it might look comfort def more importnant!
  • I shaved my bikini line the other week although couldnt c much and it came out in a bad rash. My midwife told me to use sudocrem on it to calm it down, so it must be safe. xx
  • sudocrem is great stuff, and you should be fine with it! i have to be honest tho' - i did the bikini line job with immac in the end, cos i was scared of taking a huge chunk out of my groin! looked like i'd had a brazilian tho........!
  • I use sudacrem on my spots on my face and it works wonders, although that is a completely different situation and probably not relevant at all, just thought that id add i think it is safe to use, iv not heard otherwise. Kerry xxx

  • sudocream is fine im sure.i hate shaving legs, bikini line etc.underarms is fine!! i have found shaving bikini area in front of a small mirror helpful(not pretty!!)i also find the only thing that doesnt give me a rash is using mens gillete sensitive gel to shave!!!
  • Have you thought about Fullers Earth cream?, its been around for ages and is just as good and cheaper than sudocrem. i swear by it, use it when i have my B/line and underarms waxed and it does the trick a treat!!! all chemists sell it......
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