early births - calling all mothers!

i am currently 35 weeks pregnant. for some strange reason, im convinced im not going to make it to my due date of the 7th april. i dont know why, but i have a strange feeling that i will be early. i cant put my finger on it really. my baby is really low down and i just cant see myself lasting another 5 weeks. i dont think i will be really early, maybe a week or so. just wondering if anyone else had feelings like this when they were pregnant and were they right?


love grace and bump xxx


  • i had that feeling with my daughter and she was 9 days early! i also don't think i will go full term with this one but only time will tell! Maybe us mums to be can sense things like that!xxx
  • i have been told by my doctor and midwife they cant see me going to due date, they told me the same with my first and i had my first 2weeks early even tho i thought i would go over,

    i dunno with this one i would like him to come a few weeks early but we will see lol.



  • Hi i thought i was going to be early with my first well i was convinced i was i went the full 2 weeks over an was due to be induced just 11 hours after i started in labour so my instincts were well off i think baby will come when they feel like it i tried rasp leaf tea pineapple an other things to try an bring it on as it was right in the middle of the biggest heat wave england had seen in years so was really fed up, haha im convinced im going to be early again this time as baby has actually dropped now an is engaged wheras with my first she only dropped on the theatre table after 24hrs of labour just as the spinal block was being put in for a c section was lucky she did tho only ended up with an episiotomy an ventouse, i could be right this time i think if early it will be my bday 28th march a month early either that or really late good luck everyone Sophie 31+5

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