16 weeks pregnant when did ppl show

hey guys was on here about 7 months ago in miscarriag forum am now 16 weeks preg and over th moon.
how far wer u guys wen us started 2 show?x


  • Hi hun

    Congrats on your baby to beimage

    I am only 11 weeks and 5 days and I am showing already. I was really shocked as it seems to have come out of nowhere but each women is different image

    K xx

  • double post sorry

    K x]

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  • was about 18 week with my first n around 12-14 weekwith this one... everyones so ifferent tho,so dnt get disheartened if ur nt showing yet,my sis only showed at 25 weeks with both of hers. congrats on the little one! i no wt its like to be preggers again after a miss. enjoy !!!!
  • Hi Ann Marie,


    I didn't start to show until I was 17 weeks and didn't developed a proper bump until about 21!

    Like K says though, every pregnancy is different.

    Bec 23+4 x
  • thanks am making my self paranoid i think lol x
  • just think as much as you want a bump it would be better for it to come along later as it gets in the and is heavy i am told image

    I have a funny feeling i am going to be huge but would love to not be showing right now.

    K xx

  • i know everythin is ok with baby had a 16 week scan few days ago and everythin was fin , wish u cud by a scan machine so u cud scan everyday lollol x
  • Hi I'm 16+5 preg after a MC!!

    I'm not showing either! I can't wait to get a bump!! You could buy a doppler?? I bought mine @ 11weeks, & have used it everyday since! It's amazing, you can hear the hearbeat so clear, & I can hear movements & kicks now too!!! It's really helped to ease my mind, I had bleed @ 6-7 weeks & 10-13 weeks in this preg, so I constantly had my doppler on!! lol

    16+5 x
  • I was showing at 14 weeks but I am having two instead of one!!

    PS Congrats!! xx

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  • i am showing already and think im only 7ish weeks.(having scan nxt week to confirm) but as others have said we are all different.This is my 4th pregnancy and with my 1st think i was about 17-18 weeks b4 i started to show.Im sure you'll soon have a bump!!hope you enjoy your pregnancy xxx
  • I'm 16+4 and have started to show in the last 2 weeks, seem to be getting bigger by the day, more so in the evening. I had a bit of a tummy to start with so still look a bit podgy but definately baby bump growing.

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