Pregnant - but just feel like normal!

Hi everyone! I'm new to this site and joined as I googled a certain worry I have with this pregnancy.

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I just feel as though nothing is happening. This is my second child - with my first I knew straight away with all the sickness, tiredness, dizziness and food aversion. But with this pregnancy there's absolutely no symptoms. I get so worried I'm testing several times a week to make sure that I am pregnant.

I'm not due to see a widwife for another 2 weeks so if anyone has similar problems - please let me know!

Thanks, Karys. :\?


  • all pregnancey are diffrent, i wouldnt worry, my sister was the same with her first but her second she didnt even know she was pregnant till she was 4 month, she was even still having light periods, its only when she got blood tests done when she didnt feel well that she found out x
  • Hi There.

    I am 5 months pregnant and have days where I feel perfectly normal and apartfrom the odd movement I actually don't feel pregnant. I've not really suffered with sickness - it was more tiredness with me - so don't worry its perfectly normal to feel perfectly normal.

    There will be plenty days later in the pregnancy when you can't wait to feel normal again.

    Good luck and take care x
  • Hi there,

    I am exactly the same. Dont feel any different, havent had any sickness or gone off any foods etc. The only symptoms i have had were really tired up to about 14 weeks (was in bed by 8pm - 8.30pm most nights) and apart from mildish period pain type cramps that was all i have really had.

    I too was worried in the early weeks and asked my midwife if it was a bad sign I didnt suffer with sickness and that i didnt feel pregnant and she said 'no your just one of the lucky ones and to enjoy it'.

    The tiredness has subsided a bit now (can stay up til 10pm now - woohoo!) but tummy cramps are still there now and again.

    Good luck and enjoy your pregnancy!! :\)

    (15 wks 4 days)

  • Hi,

    I am the same, I am 8 weeks and apart from tiredness ( I consider 9pm very late!) I have no signs. I have had bleeding so have had 2 early scans and even seeing the little bean and heartbeat, I stilll don't really feel pregnant!!

    I guess its more common than we thought to feel normal!

    C xx
  • I'm the same - in fact, was starting to convince myself that I wasn't preggers at all, just getting fat! But then saw LO heartbeat on the scan last week, now very real!! Have had cramp-like, period-type pains on and off - hopefully just a sign of things growing and stretching! Certainly not caused any probs so far - touch everything wooden!!!
  • Hi, I was exactly the same as you. With my first (now 16 months) I knew straight away especially with my very tender boobs. With this pregnancy I had nothing (except tiredness) until I was in my 10th week (last week) when finally my boobs started to feel tender, which was such a relief. I think my poor boobs got so stretched last time that its taken this long for them to start filling out again (lovely).
    I had my scan yesterday and I'm pleased to say Pumpkin is doing fine.
    I think people like you and me are very lucky especially as we have other children to look after. Just give it a few more weeks and I'm sure you will get a sign. I hope this has made you feel a bit more at ease. Good luck xxxxx
  • Debs - interetsing theory about the sickness - I know there's an old wives tale that bad sickness usually means a girl, and that was def true for my sister in law, who couldn't get out of bed for a week! But another friend of mine was hospitalised cos she she was so bad with it, and she went on to have a strapping 9lb boy! So not sure how true that is.....
  • Im 28+5 and not really had much to complain about. Was sick once and only slight nausea caused by my job (im a nurse dealing with lots of nasty things that would bring a tear to a glass eye anyway) Now I have heartburn, constipation, piles and today noticed my boobs are leaking!!
  • Thanks very much ladies - hearing your sides of the story has helped me to relax and enjoy not having any symptoms!

    I guess it's a really good thing because not only do I have to look after my 2 year old daughter but I also have to finish my Law degree (which ends April next year - giving me 2 months to prepare for our new arrival).

    Thank you x
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