got doctors today for FTF anyone know..

Hey ladies, well like the title says iv got the doctors today at ten to three to get my fit to fly letter as im going away in 12 days (Whooooo)... iv not seen anyone doc/mw etc for ten weeks now so really hope everything is okay, the receptionist told me the doctor will need to do some checks, i presume these will just be what the MW usually does... check urine and take blood pressure etc, does anyone know if he will check for anything else or has anyone every had one of these appointments before?




  • Hey, You are right, they just check bp and urine etc. Have you checked your flight details as when I flew I had to have ftf letter dated within a week of flying so 12 days before would have been to soon.
    Have a great triip,
  • I'm interested to hear the answer to this one. How far along are you now?

    I will be flying with EasyJet at 31 weeks and need a note no older than 5 days when I fly, so I will need on from my doc here and also from one while i am away

    Are you getting charged?

    Have a great holiday!!

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  • hi kimmys84, im flying with thomas cook and will be nearly 31 weeks when i fly home. the doctor didnt mention a charge but as my usual doctor was away i had a stand in one, who infact didnt really seem to know what he was doing. he didnt do any checks on me, no urine checks or anything and i had to ask him to check my BP was okay. anyhow he gave me a fit to fly letter stating the dates i am away so hopefully there shouldnt be a problem.

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