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Hey there
Just thought i'd forward a link to a great site I came across! You can upload any image or wording n own design and have it printed onto hats, vests, sleepers etc. It's an American site so get bit of a deal on the exchange rate so not too pricy.
I've no affiliations to them, I just used them and got the stuff delivered yesterday and I ordered on 12 Nov so was really quick and the stuff was brill thought i'd share image

Hubby's nickname in work is Chop (some footie thing from way before my time) and when we got married I started getting called Mrs Chop as we work together, so I ordered a tiny sleeper with New Chop on the Block on it as wee surprise for dh - he'll love it lol
Anyway, just a bit of fun.. :lol:

mummychop x

38 today image

I'll add the link this time!! Baby brain eh?!

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