I have now officially had enough of my hormones!

I have just cried at the Grand National - I didnt even have a bet on. I never watch horse-racing except this one race so wtf!!!! Last night my OH put a brilliant film on - would have been a fantastic thriller had I not sobbed throughout it!

Think it would be best if I just surrender and spend the next 9 wks in total hibernation!

There is absolutely no chance of me seeing any of the Sex and the City film if its realised before I have Tommy lol

Love Lee


  • Hi Lee,

    It's a bit much sometimes isn't it? I went to the cinema with my husband when pregnant last year and cried through Die Hard 4! Try explaining that to your hubby!

    Denise xxx
  • ah babe i wasnt tooo bad while i was pregnant but im terrible now i cry over anything particuarllly when i look in the mirror and look at my belly ha ha. xxx kel
  • Ahhhh Lee...LMAO...sorry hun, went through hormone hell last week so know exactly how you feeling and you have my full sympathy. I was screaming at the tv when the race was on today as got soo frustrated when my horse didn't win....not that I put a bet on!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x

  • I am sick of hormones to......I cried at some cartoon sequel to Peter Pan today because wendy's daughter finally could fly....WTF......I should not be allowed out in public...

    *hangs head in shame*

    I need cake....

  • I was so ashamed of myself last week, I cried at Home and Away, Eastenders and Holby City all within a few hours!
    I'm dreading the London Marathon this weekend. I usually get emotional when I see people running all that way dressed as a Rhinoceros for sick children. God knows what I'll be like with my hormones the way they are !! S x
  • Think will avoid the marathon then - thanks!!

    Sundays is bad enough - When the kicked out Nancy bursts into "as long as 'e needs me" I am off!! Even if i cant stand them I cry like a baby!

    Defo with you on EE last week though - especially the Frank Butcher flashbacks lol
  • lol I had to laugh when I read this at least you had a reason (even if it seems irrational now lol) I burst out crying and through my sniffeling I was like I don't know why i'm crying...
    And yesterday we were trying to buy a baby naming book (yes another one lol) and I opened a fizzy drink and it went all over me EVERYWHERE I was so cross (even though it was funny) OH burst out laughing lol till I through him a look... poor OH if it had of happen to him I would be wetting myself! haha
    I cry at that advert cant member what its for - i promise i wont tell you if you smell of purfume and baby sick!! lol it has me in FLOODS!
  • So good to know your not the only one!! lol I made my brother the best birthday cake ever (no really it was!) I spent 4 hrs in total and decorated the whole thing and when i transferred it to a plate, the whole thing collapsed!! I have never cried sooo much, oh thought it was hilarious as it looked a show! I couldn't stop sobbing, so oh went to shop to get more ingredients for birthday cake no:2. Was so disheartened after cake no:1 dying on me, oh stayed up till midnight and made the other cake for me (bless!) .............which made me cry again! xx
  • LOL you lot make me laugh - I thought I was bad enough crying if I think my dh is being nasty to me (which he's not!) but you lot make me look quite sane!!!!!!

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