Sex & pregnancy just don't mix!

Does anyone else think that sex & pregnancy just doesn't work???
1. You feel crap and tired all the time and don't feel like it much anyway.
2. I seem to have got a lot 'tighter' since being pregnant & it's damn uncomfortable sometimes, despite using lube lol.
3. It's painful - the other day I got shooting pains and today I felt so 'compressed', lol that I was doubled up with cramps afterwards. Grrrr.
Is this all normal? It's very worrying and inconvienient! lol! I'm 21 weeks on mon!
What I don't get is how I heard sex was so much better when pregnant? Not for me. Hope it doesn't go this way when he's born.


  • You know am getting back with hubby so afraid I cant agree with you on this one TigerLily sorry! For some reason seems to be even better (except for the guilt and panic afterwards). At least you havent given up lol. Love Lee x
  • ive heard that women go through stages of liking it and not liking it, finding it uncomfortable and finding it amazing - i hated it when i was first preg up until about 7 weeks, it hurt and was so uncomfortable now its great LOL .. but then you never know as my body changes i might go off it again.
  • i think everyone is diffrent, some people like it some dont in pregnancy,
    i hate sex in pregnancy me and my boyfriend didnt have it from the moment i found out i was pregnant with 1st baby right upto over a month after she was born,
    and havent had it since i found out this time to, my sex drive just goes right out the window lol,

  • I think each person is different. It's been pretty light on the ground because i've been so unwell for the first trimester. However, 16 weeks and I seem to be getting my mojo back now! It does feel different , I kow what you mean about the tightness, and I'm always wary of the positions we use, especially after your last post about sex! I suppose it's worth remembering sex isn't just about intercourse... xx
  • i'm glad to hear i'm not alone! i only found out i was pregnant last week so its very early days but i just do not feel like sex at all! don't feel sexy in the slightest everywhere i look i feel reading about pregnancy increasing your libido so i thought there must be something wrong with me. Hubby isn't much keen either..he keeps thinking 'bean' will see and like in that scene from 'knocked up' if anyone knows what i'm about..!x
  • I'M only a few weeks pregnant and I haven't really noticed any real difference. Although my OH seems to see me differently now and his sex drive has definantly gone down. I'm trying to encourage him more than I would have before probably as I don't want this to become an issue for the next 8 months. S x
  • It is different and I can't say I'm enjoying it during pregnancy either. Too uncomfortable, boobs too sore and I just don't feel sexy
    I'm 38+5 weeks and we haven't attempted it for about 4 weeks now!

    Having said that I am prepared for lots of sex if I go overdue in the hope that it might bring on labour

  • Im the opposite i cant get enough sex, but poor hubby is sore down there so have had to give him a rest lol.
    It only gets better the further on you get until the last week or two then its a bit difficult but as soon as ive had my lo i was straight back into it, thats maybe how i got myself into this as my lo is 15 weeks on wed and im 11 weeks pg with third lol
    vikki xx
  • I've totally gone off it since I've been pregnant. I'm now 36+3 and must have only done it about 5 times since I found out and usually I'm the one pestering my oh for it. I suppose I was a bit worried though after suffering 2 previous mc so we avoided it completely until after my first scan. But I've been lucky coz he hasn't pressured me at all for it.x
  • my oh likes me preg and wants it more (lucky me) and I am finding it better than ever!! although finding comfortable positions are tricky and it has to be gentle. My oh laughs at me because it feels good at the moment and he can tell!
  • Oh lord, this is my second pregnancy but with 10 year gap.ive only just remebered how randy i was the first time. my poor bloke is knackered haha.
  • personally, i think sex has become a lot better since being pregnant. i think its to do with all the extra blood flow!! but im a lot more sensitive and its been amazing!! lol!! im gonna miss it when lo is born tho!! lol!! has anyone else found this? i do think its different for everyone tho!!

    love grace and baby girl 26 weeks xxx
  • Sorry Tiger Lily...Im going to have to say no and disagree.

    Although at first, certain positions were a bit awkward and a little painful as i felt a bit tighter. However, we have found different positions now and I find being on top is alot better (sorry for tmi). I would also say Im more drier than before I was pg. But with natural lube mentioned on a previous thread it hasnt caused much of a problem.

    My hubby has loved it recently as hes been getting it every day. My sex drive isnt as high as some on here as hubby isn't too knackered for more! But it definately hasnt decreased!

    Hubby also is loving my bigger boobs too!!

    Take care and happy new
  • Sounds like a few mixed opinions...I wish pregnancy made me really horny like some of u! My oh would love it as he hasn't gone off me at all. Always said he didn't like pregnant women but evidently he's changed...prob the desperation lol having said that we do do it about once or twice a week, although at his request!

    Yeah Laura we are 19 (me) and 21 (him) so I think he thinks we're being really OAP-like too!!!
  • yer we are all different we have had it all the way through my pregnancy and am not at 38 weeks and we still do it but i do get the odd pain or two.
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